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El Shaddai Ministries eNews! 3 March 2011, Vol IV, Issue 1

El Shaddai Ministries eNews!
3 March 2011, Vol IV, Issue 1
Message from Pastor Mark
Shalom one and all!
We are going to try and launch a consistent monthly newsletter that is different than most. While we do want to keep you up to date on current events that are happening in the Middle East and around the world we want to be more than just doom and gloom. The newsletters at different times will have things for the family such as recipes, homeschooling helps, suggested book readings, historical events, as well as biblical insights and maybe links to inspirational videos etc.
With all the turmoil going on I want to make sure we are ready for what is coming as it seems our world is turning upside down.
In the days we live in, the Bible says that the love of many will wax cold. What is the cause of this chill?
We need to realize this “love” that waxes cold does not directly refer to some kind of feel good/warm fuzzy emotions but to the choices people make to either do or not do what is right toward the stranger or to others. While emotions are indirectly involved this is referring to how people will simply choose to not be involved in caring for others. Let’s look at the verse to see why:
Mt 24:12 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”
Here we see the cause of this chill is iniquity will be abounding. What is iniquity? The Greek word is anomia which means “to be without Torah”.  Torah defines love. When we think of love we think of feelings. But this is not really accurate. Otherwise how do we love our enemies? We cannot conjure up luvvy dovey feelings for those who hate us but we can choose to do things in their best interest. Love is action not feeling.
How often even among spouses do we hear one asking the other, “Do you love me?” The other spouse responds, “Of course I love you, I married you didn’t I!” If we love each other we will do things for each other.  Many Christians get caught up in emotional love for each other and once the emotions are gone we stop loving. Because of this definition of love we often feel that our relationship with God is gone awry just because there are no “feelings”. We go to services and unless we get our “sugar high” of feelings we feel God wasn’t there in the service. Believe me God still loves us even when He feels like giving us a kick in the pants.  God loves us even when He is angry with us. He always does what is best for us.
You’ve heard of someone stalking a celebrity. In the mind of the stalker, they love the celebrity whereas the celebrity thinks the stalker is crazy and doesn’t consider their actions loving at all. I believe sometimes people even become God stalkers! What I mean by that is some people have all these “feelings” for God but it is a love that is based in their head. They love God only for how He meets some need of theirs. When God doesn’t come through they despise God. Look at Judas Iscariot who probably had very loving feelings toward Yeshua yet betrayed Him when his own needs were not met how he wanted them to be.
Compare that to Job who said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him”
Many people want nothing to do with Torah as they define it as legalism. They totally misunderstand that Torah defines what love is to look like. The Hebrew word for love is ahava 
You will notice the Hebrew letter  appears twice. This letter means to reveal, to behold or to show. Since this is the word for love it shows love is to be demonstrated. God shows us and we are to show that love we’ve seen to others. The other two letters make up the word for Father, the Aleph bet  This shows us that true love is revealed by our Father in Heaven or our Father’s heart revealed! He defines what love is and when we read the commandments of the Torah He is revealing His heart to us through them.
May the Lord bless you and keep you!
Pastor Mark

March Event Calendar

 Upcoming Speakers at El Shaddai
Rico Cortes is coming to El Shaddai Ministries on Shabbat March 12, 2011
Rico Cortes believes that YHVH is ECHAD and Yeshua is the SON of YHVH , Saviour, Kohen, King, and the Word of YHVH. He believes that salvation is only thru EMUNAH (faith) and that blessings only comes by obeying the Commandments of YHVH giving on Mount Sinai To MOSHE.
He believes that keeping the Torah is Freedom from legalism and Dogma of Man. He Teaches and encourages others in Messiah to Keep the Commandments that YESHUA kept. He believes that the SHABBAT is forever and is the sign between YHVH and His people ISRAEL. He believes in the Restoration of ISRAEL and the prophetic teachings that go with it.
He believes Israel is the chosen People and that we are to be Grafted into the Tree (Israel) and gentiles are part of the commonwealth of Israel thru Yeshua our Saviour.
The vision of Rico’s Wisdom in Torah Ministries is to  teach  the Torah to  English  and Spanish  speaking believer’s and Non-believers. His Goal  is  teachings that will challenge the believer to Study and for  them to search the Scriptures. He just wants all people in the Faith, Jewish, gentiles, Christians, Messianics, and  Orthodox JEWS to RETURN (teshuv) to the TORAH.

David Rubin is coming to El Shaddai Ministries on Monday March 28, 2011
David Rubin is a former mayor of Shiloh, Israel – in the region of Samaria, known to much of the world as the West Bank. He is the founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund – dedicated to easing the trauma of children who have been victims of terrorist attacks, as well as rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel. The Fund was established after Rubin and his three-year old son were wounded in a vicious terrorist attack while driving home from Jerusalem. He vowed to retaliate – not with hatred or anger, but with compassion – in order to affect positive change for Israel and its people.
Rubin’s previous book, God, Israel, and Shiloh: Returning to the Land, recounts the struggles and the triumphs of Israel’s complex history. He also illustrates the inspiring journey of the people of Israel returning to their biblical heartland, with all of the difficult challenges that they have faced.
A featured speaker throughout the United States and in Israel, David Rubin has appeared on national and international radio and television programs.

Bill Cloud is coming to El Shaddai Ministries on Monday April 11, 2011
Bill Cloud was raised in a traditional Christian home in South Georgia. Yet, he has only been truly interested in his faith since the fall of 1988. After being born again, Bill immediately developed a hunger for the Word of God and in particular the Hebraic perspective of the Bible.
Shortly after his “born again” experience, Bill had the opportunity to visit Israel and participate in a celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. It was during this time that God gave him a deep love for the land, the people and the language.
Under the tutelage of a local rabbi, Bill began studying Hebrew very soon thereafter and has become quite prolific at reading and writing the Holy Tongue. Since then, he has spent many hours studying, not only the Hebrew text, but the Hebraic roots of Christianity as well. This research has been rewarded with a keen insight into Biblical Judaism and its relationship to Christianity.
This interest is tied to Bill's desire to unlock the deep secrets of the Word of God and to teach them, along with our Hebraic roots, to believers in Messiah. Furthermore, this insight has allowed Bill to better understand the prophetic element of Scripture. As a result of this study, Bill has developed a variety of media resources dealing with prophetic themes as well as teachings related to our lost Hebraic heritage.
For five years, Bill and his wife Beth served as Youth Pastors in a large church in Central Florida. For over three years, Bill served as chief researcher, writer and Publications Director for Perry Stone and Voice of Evangelism Ministries. Since that time Bill has written articles for the Voice of Evangelism magazine, as well as for God's News Behind The News.
Bill is a featured speaker in venues throughout the country and has appeared with notable teachers such as Hal Lindsay, J.R. Church, Jack Van Impe, John Hagee, Grant Jeffrey, Perry Stone, Tim La Haye, Chuck Missler, the late Yacov Rambsel and the late Zola Levitt. He has also made several appearances on a variety of television broadcasts seen on TBN, Daystar, Inspiration, SkyAngel, WHT, and TCT.
 Through Shoreshim Ministries, Bill and his family have launched an effort to re-introduce Christians to the Jewish Y’shua and to educate believers in the Hebraic roots of their faith. As a benefit of this information, disciples of the Messiah can more accurately interpret end-time events and better discern our role in these last days. Bill, his lovely wife Beth, and their four children reside in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Purim Party
Join us Monday, March 21st @ 7pm
for our Purim Celebration

Purim Recipe

It's that joyous, boisterous time of year again, and with it comes some very nice eateries. The traditional cookies for Purim are called "Hamantaschen", or "Oznei Haman" in Hebrew -- Haman's ears. It is shaped triangular to remind us of the triangular shape of Haman's hat.
4 eggs
1 cup oil
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
3 tsp. baking powder
pinch salt
5 1/2 cups flour

Mix all ingredients together except for the flour. Add the flour gradually until it is all mixed in and the batter resembles a smooth dough. If the dough sticks to your palm, then add a bit more flour until it is workable. The key to nice looking hamantaschen is to cut out circles with a cookie cutter for each one. This makes your edges symmetrical and perfect looking so that each cookie comes out smooth and uniform in appearance. However, even if you don't have a cutter, they still come out nicely by just pulling off pieces of dough, rolling them into balls, and flattening them down on your working surface before filling them.
Preheat the oven to 350°F / 180°C.
Now comes the fun part. Traditionally, hamantaschen are filled with poppy seeds...however, ideas abound that can be both fun and colorful. There is strawberry jam, apricot jam, blueberry pie filling, pareve caramel filling, a mixture of white and black chocolate chips...just to name a few! Fill them with the fillings of your choice and simply pinch then together on one side, and then the other. Let the kids join in as well; even children as young as three can do this easily when shown how.
Place them on lined cookie sheets, spaced only slightly apart as they don't rise that much. Bake for 10-12 minutes, until they are slightly golden on top and done on the bottom. Remove from cookie trays and leave on a piece of baking paper on the counter. After they have cooled down for 5 minutes, sprinkle them well with confectionary sugar. Enjoy!
These freeze well, but will have to be sprinkled with the confectionary sugar again after they have defrosted.

 2011 The Lord's Passover Seder Dinner and Service
Sunday April 17, 2011 - 6:00 pm
At the Tacoma Dome
(Tacoma, Washington USA)
Tickets $30 Adult, $20 Children (Age 4-9)
Tickets are purchased at our offices,at our Monday Service or
El Shaddai Ministries | P.O. Box 7881 | Bonney Lake, WA 98391
Office Hours M-F 8:00am-5:00pm
NO tickets will be available at the event

Comments from the Internet
I've been led by the Spirit to study the Hebrew roots of my faith.  I have no such fellowship within 85 miles of my home, so I continue to learn all I can via internet.  I was just surfing the web and found your site.  I'm enjoying all your teachings.  I can't sit in regular church and listen to half truths and one verse scripture sermonettes anymore. I'm so hungry for truth and deeper meaning as to what my witness is for these last days.  Thanks for putting your site on the web. -Linda

Shalom from Pennsylvania! I was introduced to your online videos and ministries through a friend online. I am a believer who is disabled and "shut-in" so I cannot get to services and appreciate the Truth and videos you have posted for our learning. It is a wonderful blessing! I was born into the kingdom on Feb 17th 1980 and love to study the  Hebraic roots, language, history and meaning of the scriptures and currently study from the Interlinear bible translation and online resources.
Please keep up the good work and be blessed.
Note* Today I have seen a prayer answered in this ministry. I have been praying for God's name to be restored to His people, for in the blessing it says "This is how you shall place my name on the people." and elsewhere we are commanded to call upon the name of the Lord for help. Because His Holy Name was hidden, obscured and buried, and covered with "Adonai" or the such, perhaps out of respect or to keep it out of reach, God's name was not being put on the people as He intended. He revealed it to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all through history to those who sought His face. I appreciate and as I'm sure God does, that you have blessed the people and have "put His name" upon the people as He instructed. (Dec 25th video message*)  I receive that blessing and bless you in return! I praise God for your obedience and boldness to obey Him. Now watch the blessing come forth. When The Lord provides, I will begin to give into this ministry, for you have also fed me with His word and blessing in truth.
I want to encourage you to continue to bring the truth of God's word and name to light, so we may be free and know what He really said and meant, this will overcome the distortion to the scriptures that has taken place over the centuries, that has buried the truth in man's religious efforts. Now it will come forth. Let it be so.  Shalom and be Blessed in YHWH and Yeshua!  Your sister in Yeshua - Lelia
PS the sermon on the times and seasons and eclipses, as to the return of Yeshua was awesome too!
 *Note:  The video message refered to above is found at:

From Austria - Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

Youth Talmidin Corner
  “Every community is required to appoint teachers…. the world exists only through the breath of school children.” (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 245:7).
One such teacher at El Shaddai Ministries is Dora who teaches the age group 9 thru 12 who brings enlightened understand of the Word the students through Hebrew Word pictures.
Art Palecek-
Associate Pastor/Youth Ministry Coordinator
Shalom!  My name is Dora.  Somewhere along the way I have been referred to as “Dora the Torah Explorer.”  As one of the El Shaddai’s volunteer children’s ministry teachers, I am excited to share our passion for teaching youth from a Hebraic perspective.   Parents and teachers wishing to encourage their youth to discover the value of the God’s ancient paths find ourselves needing to unlearn and re-valuate  previous concepts of teaching.   We are on an even playing field with our students and children as we embark on a spiritual walk with our Abba.  This adventure is apparent as adults and kids begin to study the uniqueness of Biblical Hebrew grammar.
How does one learn an ancient language?  The answer is one letter at a time.  "Step by step, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little" (Isa.28:10).  This principle from Our Father encourages the middle school age children to help (Mitzvot) in the development of a weekly Torah Portion curriculum emphasizing Hebrew grammar concepts.   "Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words."* Ancient Hebrew is a picture language, an ideal tool for teaching biblical accounts, God’s character, spiritual truths and life skills relevant to successful living.   Our goal in learning biblical Hebrew is to rediscover familiar Bible account lessons that may have been taken for granted and then grasp deeper understanding about our relationship with God.
For one example we’ll look at:
The Torah account of Jacob wrestling with the heavenly messenger (Gen 25-37)  the ancient and modern Hebrew letter PEY /FEY  including the (sofit) final form   adapts well to illustrate the concept that our spiritual walk is in direct relationship to our encounter (face to face / Panyim…Panyim) with the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
The ancient letter Pey/Fey  is a picture of a mouth in profile or a place like a river exiting and /or opening (mouth of the river).  Our own language includes metaphors, similes that we easily understand within our contextual experiences.  An idiom can be confusing, misunderstood and may even have far reaching mishaps because this type of communication cannot be translated from one language into another.  This is the key to learning and teaching from a Hebraic Perspective.  Who, when, where and why become fundamental to understanding how history applies to each generation.  Each individual then, now and future are children of Abraham starting “from the ancient of days.”
We will have an exciting year ahead....

Recommended Reading
by Karen Pettingell
Illustrated by Debra Hoskins

Parents and grandparents, as well as aunts, uncles,
big brothers and big sisters will enjoy reading this
tender, yet fun story to young children. 

Nosy is a charming softcover picture book that
brings the meanings of Passover to life for children
and adults alike. Give Nosy as a birthday or
Passover gift or use Nosy in Sabbath School, child
evangelism or homeschool classes. 

The Feasts of the Lord
By Pastor Mark Biltz

Through these 4 DVDs you will experience the wonders of the Feasts of the Lord and how they foreshadow prophecies yet to be fulfilled. You will discover how each of the Spring Feasts was fulfilled, not only to the very day, but to the very hour of major events in the life of Yeshua(Jesus) at his first coming. Then the prophetic adventure begins on how the Lord will fulfill each of the Fall Feasts to the very day of His second coming! Yeshua is the same yesterday, today and forever. Just as the Spring Feasts were fulfilled in order and to the very day, so will the Fall Feasts be fulfilled in order and to the very day. We don’t know the exact time these Feasts will be fulfilled, but with these DVDs you will know the seasons and the signs to look for so you won’t be caught unaware! Don’t miss the Divine Appointments that are scheduled for you!

Recommended Videos 
Click HERE to access our recommended video page

 Home Schooling Links

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