Saturday, March 19, 2011


Recently, a woman named Kathy contacted me. Kathy, a life long Christian said to me, "I thought you were trying to turn me into a Jew" She was following what I share and also the teaching of various folks whose information I post along with many of my writings. Kathy  went on to say, "Eventually, it was as if a window opened and I could see the bible in a completely different way!"  Kathy wrote,  I could not believe all of the things that I had learned, all of my life actually led me away from Israel and the true nature of Jesus" He kept every commandment given to Moses including the Sabbath.

I received a call from a Black Pastor in Seattle who simply said to me, "My God what have we done?"

I woman wrote to me...Knowing what the Biblical Festivals really are has changed everything, EVERYTHING!
Another lady said to me about three weeks ago, "The Father has been telling me to get to know the man that Jesus was and now you (Meaning me) come in here and tell us that we have to know his Jewishness! She called and asked me if I could recommend a good book about the Feast of the LORD.....I told her the very best book that I have found is by my good friend Valerie Moody

My sister called me after watching the video presentation from Rico Cortes...she was almost hyper-ventilating. My sis understands.  Interestingly enough, four years ago my sister,  who is 48 [I think] shares that God told her to get to know HIS son. She did not understand having followed Jesus for 20 years. Then I started sharing his Jewishness...My sister said everything opened up like a window (Smile) when she moved away from a Christian understanding [only] of the bible to a Hebraic understanding. The same thing is occurring with my older brother. We are all saved, all eight including our Momma who is following the teaching of my Pastor now on line.

I get many, many letters and emails from folks with these sort of testimonies..I rarely get hate mail. The most difficult people to share this with are Black folks (?) but when they add to what they[We] know the things that I am sharing along with so many others...They have all become zealous for the TORAH and the Hebraic concepts of God's word, including the Gospel or more correctly BESORAH which means, GOOD NEWS.

I am not trying to convince anyone...just present information that will BLOW YOUR MIND about our Jewish Messiah. When you understand this it is like a key is given to you and it opens up the bible and all of creation at the same time with a clarity that shows to you exactly what God, His Son and the Holy Spirit are doing...Almost like watching a movie.

  • You will see why the world is financially collapsing, Babylon cannot exist with Jerusalem!
  • You will see how every story, every nuance, every single mark that is the bible relates to something else in the bible over and over and and again
  • Dinah was raped, so too will be Israel
  • six containers changed from water to wine is a prophecy
  • Phineas "Priest of war...prophetic
  • Adam and Eve "Tares from Wheat"
  • United States of America...regathering of many of the Lost sheep of Israel (We don't know it because we don't know TORAH. We learned Christianity
  • Islam is rising up & surrounding Israel
  • You will see how the sun and the moon are like Morse code, God sending signals
  • The earthquakes, Tsunamis, other planets are moving at the whim of our Creator
  • Fire and not water is going to be how this earth is refined.
  • Decline of the church (Constantine's Christianity must end and so too the deception over the Gentiles)
  • The Jews will recognize their brother just like Jacob's sons recognized Joseph [Prophetic]
  • Rebirth of Israel, her language and nation (No other nation on earth can claim this miracle)
  • You will see the nations representing ancient Egypt and Pharaoh (anti Christ) chasing the House of Israel over the THRESHOLD to God's house where he will be defeated {That doorway is where Elohim's son was murdered}
  • You will understand why the woman is pregnant for nine months
  • Why we have nine planets
  • You will see the numbers in the bible and what they mean..every single time you see a number
  • You will understand the ancient Calendar and how God uses it and not ours
  • You will see God in everything as he prepares the arrival of his son, the coronation of his son and the wedding of his son
  • You have no idea until you challenge HOW we have been taught.
Isaiah 55:11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

You will know what Jerusalem is and why the enemy is trying to destroy the City of David....You will see all of this with crystal clarity...

You will never see any of this with a Christian concept of a Jewish book! Too much is missing but not all of what we were taught is without merit.
Currently you will only see speculation and possibility according to the interpretation of modern prophets and God's word. Emperor Constantine and so many others wipe the Hebraic nature of God's word out of Christianity.
I don't see any of this sort of understanding anymore...I see exactly what is happening because almost all of it has happened before many, many times.

ISAIAH 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure: 

We have to return to the beginning...the end is all recorded there.

His Laws, His commandments were not fulfilled they were demonstrated perfectly for us to follow....BY HIS SON
Deuteronomy 30:2 and when you and your children return to the LORD your God and obey him with all your heart and with all your soul according to everything I command you today,

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