Monday, February 7, 2011

Return to the original word of Elohim

Please watch this First:

January 8, 2011 - "The Road to Emmaus" and "The Gospels & Acts from a Hebraic perspective" from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo.

Once again, I sat with a group of fellow Christians yesterday showing to them what the word of God actually says not what they think it says or what they have been taught!

The number one question I hear always is this one: Why don't we know this? We all had the bible in front of us as we looked at who Israel is and who Israel is not?

I showed to them that all of those FEAST days were not Jewish but rather the LORD'S Leviticus 23 They were given to the Jews to teach all of us but to also set the Jews apart, a HOLY PEOPLE!

I showed to them how in Exodus 12, Yehovah begins establishing his calendar of events by teaching PASSOVER. I showed to them how he is teaching Aaron & Moses to practice his death (but they don't know that) I showed to them how he is arrested on the tenth day and slaughtered on the fourteenth day of NISSAN. I showed to them why the JEWISH calendar and alphabet are actually HIS alphabet and Calendar!

Finally, I showed to them why David became King in the family of JUDAH born of Jacob and Leah and How God wanted his son, HIS FLESH to come through a royal blood line and why he is to inherit all of the land that the enemy is trying to take from Israel.

I showed to them the story that unfolds in the "OLD TESTAMENT that many, many Christians have absolutely no idea is occurring!

Did you vote for Barack Obama............?

You don't know what you did when you did that...I am certain of this. Biblically, you have no idea how this time is unfolding the most horrific time in human history. YOU only know TRIBULATION...what does this really mean?

AND IF YOU ARE RAPTURED are going to your death according to the word of God and out of the mouth of Jesus himself.
Luke 17:26-37 “The one will be taken and the other will be left“

* The tare will be taken and the wheat will be left
* Verse 37: And they asked where Lord?
* Jesus answers and says,” Where the dead are gathered for the birds”

Who wants to know more, go a bit deeper?

Everyone's mouth dropped as I shared, they were stunned. All of my teaching came out of the OLD Testament!Most Christians do not know the OLD TESTAMENT...Satan was very, very good at deceiving all of us in this area!

With the LOVE of a Very Jewish Messiah,

REMEMBER, Yehovah is ONE God! The God of Israel.

May Adonai Yehovah give you HIS peace, HIS shalom!


You must unlearn western Christianity or at the very least, add to it the TORAH. None of the disciples, Rabbi Paul of anyone in your bible was a Christian....YOU must learn this and then know why. Jesus, the disciples and even Rabbi Paul never taught from the New Testament, Jesus never quoted it not one time but it is an amazing "REST OF THE STORY (Letters) when you know the story unfolding in the TORAH. If you don't know the first part of the word what do you base your faith on? Remember none of the biblical writers were GREEK of English. They were all destined to be of the nation of Israel for an amazing reason...YOU have to know this reason especially in this last generation!

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