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Haman, Ahmadijenihadihahahahahahahahaha and Persia!

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A simple note to you with regard to the story of Queen Esther and Haman, the Persian NUTBALL who was hell bent on killing the Jews.
If you are not yet learning about the Hebraic construct of how the God of creation (ELOHIM) set up the miracle of how to see his repeating or cyclical manner in how the entire bible repeats century after century than you will possibly not get this. If you only know the bible from a Christian or Greek interpretation YOU cannot understand the following pattern, repeating. The Thematic or Chiastic manner of seeing such things are not taught in Christianity. (They were actually tossed out during the time of Constantine, Antisemitism extraordinary)

Most of Christianity follows what Emperor Constantine (among many others) introduced via Catholicism and most don't know it! Which of course, led to the Spanish Inquistion...Most have no idea that this was done to convert or kill Jews. Yes the church actually taught Islam to hate the Jews (don't take my words read the history folks!)

Haman is at it again [or Amalek], what ever pattern you choose to follow! We are coming up to the appointed time or Biblical Festival of Purim (The story of Queen Esther is what Purim is all about and yes, Yeshua [Jesus} celebrated this man made Festival honoring the Queen) John 5
Yes those Jewish Festivals that are actually Adonai's according to Leviticus 23 but were given to the Jews to teach us. The set apart people or nation of Israel.

The parallels between Haman and Ahmadijenhadiadiadiadihaha (Iranian or Persian president) are exactly as God intended them to be in His repetition of this story. The following article is therefore no surprise to me as we get closer to the Purim Festival on God's calendar Adar II, 13th   On the Greek or REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY calendar March, 18th this year.

God begun this (Switched it really from the days of Noah) Calendar with Moses and Aaron in the TORAH, book of Exodus chapter 12. [Amazingly, He begins to address the sacrifice of the lamb, passover 1500 years or so before it actually happens to him.] The Jews were to practice the event yearly, they taught us to do the same thing but we REPLACED this teaching guess it, Christianity as it focused on the Gospels via the Catholic Church....[big mistake that has existed for 2000 years.]

The Article:
(From Arutz Sheva)

1. Israel: Iranian Warships in Med are a 'Serious Provocation'
by Gil Ronen Israel Worried by Iran Warships


Israel is "closely monitoring" Iranian plans to deploy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, Israeli security officials told daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot Monday.

  Iranian officials have announced plans to deploy warships to areas near Israel and to dock at a Syrian port for a year. Such a move would be a "serious provocation," a senior official said. There is no justification for Iran to deploy its battleships to the Mediterranean Sea, he said, and if it does so, Israel will view the move as "a change in the situation" and "Israel will know how to deal with it."

  Iranian warships are now deployed in Bab el-Mandeb in the Indian Ocean, as part of international efforts to combat piracy, the paper reported. It cited Western intelligence officials who said that Iranian warships in the Red Sea could supply radical Islamic groups from Yemen with weapons.

  UPI reported that earlier this month, Iran's navy chief Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari told the semi-official Fars news agency that the Islamic republic intends to maintain a "powerful and permanent presence" to protect the interests of Iran in the "strategic waters north of the Indian Ocean."

  An Israeli submarine passed southward through the Suez Canal in 2009, in a move that was seen as a warning to Iran. Israel currently has three submarines and is preparing for two more. According to an article in World Politics Review, the submarines "reportedly carry nuclear-tipped cruise missiles of an unidentified type."

  "The missiles, part of Israel's estimated 100-strong nuclear arsenal, reportedly have a range of up to 800 miles," the Review reported. "The subs probably cannot hit Iran without passing through the Suez into the Red Sea and ultimately the Indian Ocean. The Red Sea is also the best route to the Gulf of Oman, where Israeli ships and submarines might enforce a blockade of Iran, during wartime."

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Learn so that you can unlearn or add to

To my Fellow Christians...I am hard hitting because you have got to know this stuff so that you can better understand understand the Jewishness of our King! He created them, they did not create Him!
Are you ready for the hellish events that YOU will endure? The Christian Rapture idea is actually the opposite of what is coming so.......get yourself ready!


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