Monday, February 14, 2011


A friend of mine, a person that I have known for many years went back into his church after studying the Hebraic nature of scripture and said to me, "What is being taught in the church is nonsense and people don't know it!"
I understood what he was expressing. He comes out of the black churches of the south. Now that he understands the Hebraic nature of the word of God as opposed to the Greek translation and English (western interpretation] He realizes how horribly mislead virtually all of western Christianity is.

I told him that our God is revealing himself all the while in a fallen world, fallen Judaism, fallen Christianity everything is fallen but the redemptive plan continues.

My homeboy asked, "Do you suppose God is calling us to return to the original text so that we can know HIM from his very Hebraic nature?" I said, this is what he has always done before judgment and before the many false anti messiah's that have risen up in the system that opposes His Throne.

I am pretty sure, convinced is a better word that many in Christianity will follow continue to follow a false understanding of scriptures...We have been taught to do so for 2000 years. This does not mean that God is not revealing himself but it does mean that strong delusion is cast over the body!


From Adam to Moses, 2000 years
From Moses to Yeshua, 2000 years.
The last days.....or messianic era
From Yeshua to the Millennial Covenant, 2000 years

The Millennial Covenant or Sabbath Rest....1000 years or ONE Day!

The entire experience follows the creation. Each day of Creation follows our experience. You are not being taught any of this in your church!

The Miracles that Yeshua performed:
Made the Deaf Hear.......Making his people Hear

Made the Blind See.........Making His people See

Made the Lame Walk.....Making His People Walk

Made the Dead Live.......Making His People Live

HIS PEOPLE are Israel and all of those grafted into the covenants [Jeremiah 31:31-34] that He made with Judah & Israel
Everything in the bible, on every page introduces us to patterns......You will only see this in the original Hebraic construct of how Adonai tailored his miraculous word...

The word of God is a miracle that you cannot see in the Greek, the Translations and most certainly, in the English.
Many of those who attend a Sunday morning church...DON'T know any of this!

Return to the TORAH and the Sabbath

Shalom (PEACE)

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