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The Eleventh Plague of Egypt

To my friends who pondered the 11th plague of Egypt over these last few weeks,

The dust once more settles over an end-of-days styled anarchy!  Since the Egyptian army has stepped in to fill the gap until September elections, Israelis are certainly breathing a bit more easily.  On one hand, Mubarak was anything but a Lincoln, a Ghandi or a Martin Luther King, yet his fill-in from the army, Field Marshall Mohamad Tantawi, is generally presumed to be merely more of the same.

So after all the bluster, bruising and blood-letting, who actually got what they wanted? 

Fortunately for global security—not the Muslim Brotherhood of a Sharia-styled "democracy"!  At least not yet!  Unfortunately they may have piled up a few points from pious peering from the back benches of the arena, but if we know our Bibles, the Caliphate is yet to be calibrated for the dimensions of its collective coffin!

But perhaps the biggest surprise to many—outside of Israel where even the secular press is beginning to catch on—is the reluctance of the White House to take full caution of what that Muslim Brotherhood is all about.  Indeed, the subtle “benign” infiltration of the Brotherhood into America with government postings of high profile going to Islamists, plus attitudes of naive acceptance of blatant home-grown subversion--long preceded the Cairo question. Unfortunately many of our American friends tell us, “We never hear these warnings from our media”. Sadly—or is it fortunately—those from overseas who are closer to the Islamic flames do feel the heat!

Following, in the prime focus of this bulletin is a 10 February article citing respected columnist Frank Gaffney, Jr. in a clarion cry for "Barry’" Obama to sack his National Intelligence Chief forthwith. Sadly, it’s not about to happen!

Gaffney: Sack Obama's Intelligence Chief
National Intelligence Director James Clapper’s bid to defuse frustration on Capitol Hill over the intelligence community’s performance during the Mideast upheaval appeared to backfire Thursday, when his description of Egypt’s extremist Muslim Brotherhood as a “largely secular” group that has “eschewed violence” sparked outrage.
That characterization by the No. 1 U.S. intelligence official triggered an immediate backlash. Clapper’s remark was a “head-snapping moment,” said Richard Engel, NBC’s chief foreign correspondent.  “That doesn’t make any sense from my knowledge of the organization,” Engel told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, “and I’ve spent a lot of time with them…it’s a complete misreading of the situation here in Egypt.”
Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, blasted Clapper’s remarks as “a firing offense…I think this is grounds for insisting upon his resignation,” Gaffney told Newsmax in an exclusive interview, “because, if that is the considered opinion of the top intelligence professional in the United States, clearly the US government is being very badly misinformed about the seemingly eminent takeover of the Egyptian government by what I believe is as dangerous an organization as anyone on the planet.
Gaffney said he had never heard anyone describe the Muslim Brotherhood as secular. It seeks creation of an Islamic caliphate and worldwide imposition of Shariah law, he said.

Also finding Clapper’s remark incredible was potential GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. “For heaven’s sake, where did he get that?!” the former Arkansas governor said to host Neil Cavuto. “They’re as secular as Billy Graham and the Pope are secular. Are you kidding me?! The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most radical, Islamic jihadist groups. Going back to the 1920s, this is a group that is nothing but radical…”
…Further FBI Director Robert Mueller appeared to distance himself from Clapper’s view. Some branches of the Muslim Brotherhood have promulgated violence, Mueller said.
Obviously,” Mueller said, “elements of the Muslim Brotherhood here and overseas have supported terrorism.”
Experts say the Muslim Brotherhood promotes governance based on Islamic principles and its stated goal is to unify lands from Spain to Indonesia under Islamic rule known as a “caliphate.”
(Another) example, Hamas, the extremist group in control of the Gaza Strip, is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who many analysts say is a greater threat than Osama bin Laden, joined the Muslim Brotherhood as a teenager. He is under indictment in the United States for the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya
Newsmax contributing editor Ken Timmerman, who has written several books on threats in the Middle East, called Clapper’s remark “stunning…He ought to start reading the volumes of intelligence reports that have been filed by every U.S. embassy in the Muslim world that has ever had dealings with the Muslim brotherhood,” Timmerman said.
…It’s not the first time Clapper has played the role of an intelligence officer offering dubious intelligence.  In December, ABC’s Diane Sawyer asked Clapper about the arrest of a dozen suspected terrorists in London. Clapper was stumped by the question and was unaware the suspected terror operation had been rolled up…The mainstream media explained Clapper’s lapse by blaming his staff for failing to keep his boss fully informed.

But Gaffney was hardly the only one whose hackles charged upward. In the ICEJ News  of 10 February  2011, there was also the report: Congressional leaders concerned about Moslem Brotherhood:
Prominent members of the US Congress on Wednesday had harsh criticism for the Obama Administration's attitude toward events in Egypt, especially its apparent lack of concern over the possibility of the Moslem Brotherhood taking a large role in a new government. "The Muslim Brotherhood had nothing to do with driving these protests, and they and other extremists must not be allowed to hijack the movement toward democracy and freedom in Egypt," declared Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, referring to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs's statement last week that a more representative Egyptian government should "include a whole host of important non-secular actors." Ranking Democrat Howard Berman agreed, saying "I am skeptical about the Muslim Brotherhood's commitment to democracy...we shouldn't fool ourselves. There is every reason to believe it will try to influence the Egyptian government in ways that undermine US interests and that will make Egypt a regressive, less-tolerant place."
Additionally, Yediot Aharonot [10 Feb 2011] traditionally a very pro-American and secular voice in Israel, this time around however, discusses political Islam in the Middle East following the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt and warns that that: the US administration does not seem to understand that "Under the benign cover of democracy and stability, political Islam waits on the sidelines."  The author predicts that the local Islamist party is poised to win any free election…and suggests that the regional uncertainty is compounded by the fact that "There is no American master of the house in the Middle East.  The Obama administration does not understand and the results will be appropriately harsh.  Not everyone is as strong as Mubarak and his regime and more than a few Arab elements are liable to pay a price for American amateurism.

So with these and many other cries of the President’s being soft-on-Sharia, .why in the world would Clapper’s boss dare sack him if he’s actually carrying out the president’s world view to a T from his own early Islamic sensitivities from Kenya to Jakarta?  Are clear-headed thinkers shunning their obvious homework because of an “exceptionalism” blindfold that “it couldn’t happen here.”  Unfortunately it already has!

So thank God (spelled with a G) for the Egyptian Army—at least so far.

But before I go, is it fair to blame the narcissist kid from Kenya who grew up with a starry-eyed utopian view of an Islamic mix of Marxism? He’s hardly alone! 

Early in 2010 a play on the cliché “The prince of fools” [a title by Sebastian Darke] made the rounds on the Internet. It originated in the Czechoslovakian Prague Times observing:

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to “an electorate willing to have such a man for their president.”…The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince Prager Zeitung
Nevertheless, as Psalm 14 notes: The fool has said in his heart, “there is no Godat least for anarchy’s final defiance, certainly not on my turf!

Obviously the Muslim Brotherhood has a close comrade in “Barry” Obama and those who worship him. While the syndrome is hardly the preference of a vast majority of my readers, it makes the pill no easier for them to swallow; on the other hand, a better Kingdom does draw all the closer!

Blessings and Shalom.
Victor Schlatter,Director: South Pacific Island Ministries,
Cairns, Australia

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