Friday, February 4, 2011


Wed 1/26/2011 12:21 PM
Dear Pastor Mark (and El Shaddai Ministries), I am a 27 year old wife and mother of two. I live in
a small, and growing, town in southern Arizona. I have been meaning to write you for some time
now and feel convicted to do so today. My husband and I were both raised in "The church", then
about six years ago we began to study our Hebrew Roots. We began to study Torah on the yearly
cycle, observe Shabbat and the Festivals/feasts given to us by Hashem, ceased celebrating pagan
"Holidays" and ended up being scrutinized and separated from most of our friends and family
(community). AND have gotten more from these years of study and drawing near to Hashem and
recognizing Yeshua in Torah....than either of us had in our(my husband and I) entire 18 and 25
years being raised with a lack of correct translation/perspective. We continue to eat biblically
clean, keep Shabbat, my husband has a prayer Shawl and daily does the Shema and Amidah daily...
I teach my son and daughter each Wednesday and Saturday the portion...and have El Shaddai on
our laptop just about each day. YOU ARE our pastor, the work El Shaddai is doing is inspiring....and
it has become our congregation. Today I went to a bible study group at a church and rushed
home and put on the latest Video here. I get more from all the wonderful information you have
posted so COMPREHENSIBLY and FREE! Than I have in years...we use our First Fruits of Zion
materials still but El Shaddai is our ONLY go to resource and I would like to say THANK YOU so
much for all you have done and worked for...Thank you for bringing this truth so clearly and
freely to "The nations" and to our home. May Hashem by praised in all things in all times by each
and every tongue!! Thank you, and may you and your body be blessed.

Sun 1/23/2011 9:38 PM
Regarding Pastor Mark's January 22, 2010 message on Yitro:
Wow....My head is spinning...and I'm saying thanks once again as it's screwed back on right. I agree
Judah and Israel are all Jewish descendents...and PTL I'm Jewish because of Yeshua. Sharia Food
now at Costco, Dominos...and God does care that we are not a stumbling block and partake of it.
Common is common...I hate it when the transcribers promote their agenda in God's bible. Why do
they say unclean. I see the beast creeping in our lives where we cannot buy what we want because
of Satan's label (mark). Lord help us to stay pure before you and not be an offense to the weaker
brother. Thanks Pastor Biltz for great messages.

Wed 1/19/2011 2:08 PM
...We are soooooooooo thankful for your ministry! We were blessed to be able to study modern
Hebrew this summer with a Jewish couple. Your website is a huge blessing!


Thu 1/13/2011 12:05 PM
Dear Pastor Mark,
I thoroughly enjoyed Rabbi Lapin. Even though he is not a believer in Yeshua, it is absolutely
amazing the wisdom and knowledge he has of Torah. I have ordered some of his material online.
For a long time, I have wanted to thank you for appearing on Prophecy in the News with JR
Church. If you would not have appeared on his program, I would have never heard of you or El
Shaddia Ministiries. As a result, I have been listening to all of your broadcasts for over a year on
the internet and I have learned so much. I am a Southern Baptist that had questions no one could
answer or the answer was so confusing, I still had unanswered questions. As you know, I was
taught the Law of Moses and that it was nailed to the cross and was no longer relevant. Boy have
I had a bunch of “AAHHAA!” moments. Your teaching and ministry have truly been an eye opener
for me. I have learned so much and every week I can hardly wait for the next podcast to be
posted. I guess you can say that Torah has made it to one small place in Mississippi. One day all
Israel will be brought to a saving knowledge of their Messiah, Yeshua, and believing Gentiles will
be brought back to Torah.

Wed 12/22/2010 11:02 AM
City = Hohenems
Province/State = Austria
Country = Austria
Comments = Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

Tue 12/21/2010 2:42 PM
Subject = Jewish Roots Study Group - Athens, Texas subject = Thank you!!!!
Comments = I am blessed to attend a weekly Jewish Roots study group in Athens, Texas. Our
teacher/leaders have such a Hebrew mindset and a love for Israel and they often use your
resources as we study. We have made a donation to El Shaddai and want to honor Tom and Debi
who so earnestly love Yeshua and are teaching and reaching so many to "pray for the peace of
Jerusalem". Thank you for your heart and ministry.

Sun 12/19/2010 10:20 AM
Subject = Thank You and Shalom!!!!
Comments = Dear Pastor Biltz, Staff, and Congregation, Your ministry is an answer to much prayer
and over 40 years of searching to know the truth! Like many others who love Yahweh and His
Word--both Yeshua and Torah, I, as a Gentile felt there had to be much that we were missing. My
love started when I was 12 years old. I received Yeshua as my Savior then--I knew nothing about
giving him Lordship over my life at that point, but the Holy Spirit did something wondrous in me.
The women in my family --i.e. Grandmother, my Mother's sisters, and even my Mother are in the
ministry. One of my Mother's younger sisters, Betty, used to babysit. She was the one that took
me to the church where I received salvation. When she babysat, to keep us "entertained", we
would "play" church. There were four of us to watch, like stairsteps in ages, and I see now that the
Lord had used this to begin to teach us His Word. On one occasion, it was my turn to be the
"minister". I had heard a few sermons on prophecy (which both terrified and interested me), so
for my text I had chosen passages from the book of Revelation. From that day forward, I began a
lifelong quest to understand that book. Some, at certain points in my life might have thought I was
obsessive. But that is the kind of hunger that the Spirit puts in you to draw you nigh unto Yahweh
through his written Torah. I am 56 years old now.
The first time I listened to you, Pastor, was on the Eclipses. I had caught you on TBN being
interviewed, I think. So I visited your website and you had the teachings of the Feasts. Having
studied them, I was anxious to see what you taught and, of course, I absolutely loved it.
At that time, I don't think you had the Torah teachings on the site--I may be wrong, it was years
ago. Recently, I had begun to grow cold in studying. I had had several bad encounters with the so-
called church--you know, the ones who say they are of the body, but are not. Then we moved
from Ohio, to an area outside of Louisville, KY. I thought, well, I'm in the Bible belt, now I can
finally find a place to be fed. It just so happened, that at the church we have been attending, the
pastor's wife is a Messianic Jew. She and I, hit it off right away. I felt like I had met a long lost
sister or something. We began talking and once again I thought of your site. You were saved in
my Favorites. I have started listening to your Torah teachings, and WOW!!!!!
I felt like I had been subsisting on the crumbs from the table all these years. After just listening to
maybe 10 teachings I realized that I went from cool and distant to a cup over-flowing kind of
person. I have spent entire nights of study. What usually happens is I listen to a Torah portion
with the notes in front of me. Then as I lay in bed and begin praying and worshipping the Lord,
because I can't help but do that after such a GREAT MEAL in the Word, He begins to remind me of
other studies, other scriptures, and then things seem , as David said, "too wonderful" to me and
then I am up all night.
Thank you, thank you, thank you all for your faithfulness, staff and congregation for putting these
things on the web for the rest of us who seek to know the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Thank you,
also, for being so generous to share your Pastor and I would say, Rabbi, with us. And thank you,
Pastor for being a wise and faithful servant.
Your enthusiasm and joy come across to us who listen. We catch on to them and the passion that
you have for Torah. Truly, I say a blessing over you every time I listen. I love all of you and I am
Your sister in Yeshua,

Tue 12/14/2010 11:07 AM
My question for Pastor Mark is: Thanks for taking the time to meet with us in St. Louis Sunday
morning and sharing your faith. My husband and I are now on a new journey one step at a time.

Tue 12/14/2010 11:02 AM
comments = Looking for a Hebrew roots community in Minneapolis, MN. Met Pastor Mark and the
Final Return Conference, LOVED the conference but talking to Pastor Mark at breakfast was the
highlight of the conference for me!!

Sun 12/12/2010 8:44 PM
Theme/Subject = wheat and tares
Comments = Pastor Mark I watched the Final Return Conference online .... where were you? I
thought it was GREAT but wanted to hear you. Shalom
I cant stop thanking the Lord for your teachings and Torah portions. My girlfriend and I are
starting a Bible study with the notes we obtained from the website. Thanks again. New York is
tough but the truth is changing hearts. Slowly very slowly they are becoming AWAKE to the
instruction of the Torah. Only God can give people the revelation that they have to go back to the
beginning. Some of us 20-30 year olds in the Lord, knew something was wrong and horribly dry,
buy now that we have taken a GULP of fresh water we CAN'T AND WON'T STOP EVEN UNTO

Sun 11/28/2010 4:41 PM
Subject = Web site
Comments = I have grown in leaps and bounds in my walk with Yeshua because of your teachings.
Thank you for being committed to the work that YHWH has given you to do. Now for the website.
I am in agreement with Sue on 11/03/2010 and the other person who spoke to the
disorganization of the site now. The colors are nice and vibrant that was a great update. However,
I too feel that the site lost it's more organized, professional look. It now looks like an outline to a
book report instead of an organized portfolio. Kudos to whoever took on the task for their work,
long hours (I am sure) and faithfulness, but they took out the strength of organization. Thank for
your time and the opportunity to voice an opinion.

Fri 11/19/2010 7:59 AM
Your new web page comments = I really like your new web page. I am fairly new to your site and
your teaching. I am so thankful that the Lord led me to you. Though many of Pastor Mark's
comments about 'most Christians think this or that' seem strange as I've never thought it, still my
knowledge of Jesus is expanding greatly. My primary study Bible is an NIV, and I also use at times
an NASB and KJV. Is there a study bible that gives Hebrew translation along with the English? If
there is and you are willing to recommend it, please let me know.
Thank you very much

Fri 11/19/2010 10:48 AM from Germany
You all are my congregation because we live overseas subject = Shalom comments = Shalom El
Shaddai Ministries:

This thank you is way over due. I have been listening to your pod-cast for over two years now. I
praise Yeshua that He showed me your website. I have learned so much from Pastor Mark in the
past two years that my life has been changing for the better. I have had a lot of personal pain in
my life. However, ever since I started studying Torah, Yeshua has brought supernatural healing in
my life. He has also revealed so many things about me that were stolen. One of the things that
were stolen from me was a secret about my ancestry. Two years ago Yeshua showed me through
DNA testing and other means that, I am a descendant of Sephardic Jews from Spain. Torah was
stolen from my family and me. However, now it has been restored, Alleluia! Now I understand
why so many of our customs and practices I saw as a child in my home didn't match up with being
Catholic, and did not make sense after I got saved.

Thank you all for being my teachers these past couple of years. I have bought nearly every book
in your store. :) I cannot get enough of Torah. Truly it is the fountain of life. I live in Germany
because my husband works for the army here. There are no congregations like yours that are
conducted in English. I praise Yeshua that now you all are on video, which makes it, even more of
a joy. I watch you all every Shabbat via video, which makes me feel that I am with you all in
person. Please pray for my household and me to seek Yeshua daily in HIS Torah.

On a separate note, my husband and I, our kids, and another couple, will be going to Israel for our
25th wedding anniversary next year. We will be going in April 2011 for Passover. If you have
connections or know of believers who we can get together with for Shabbat and Passover, would
you let me know? Also, would you let me know how we can help Moshe and Leah in Itamar, and
or others in Israel? We don't just want to receive the blessing of visiting the Holy Land, but we
want to be a blessing. We will be there for two weeks. It is a dream come true, especially for me.

One day soon when the Shofar blows and Yeshua calls for us, I look forward to hugging all of you
in person.
Blessings, and Shalom!!!

Tue 11/16/2010 12:03 AM from the UK
Subject = Home group
Getting back To Hebrew Roots subject = Help comments = Greetings Shalom We have Been
listening to Pastor Mark for Over 18 months We are in a Church at the moment with a very Good
Pastor and Friend Who Has been trying to get the church back to Hebrew roots and TORAH but
The main church does not like it so he has been voted out. There are 6 of us who want to start a
home group I have got Marks teachings On Hebrew Roots on DVD and the Feasts Of The LORD. I
want to try and Get Hold Of TORAH Teachings and need Advice starting up a home group. Bless
You. We hope and plan on going to Israel next year. Shalom.

Tue 11/16/2010 4:16 PM
Subject = Feedback on New Website
Comments = WE LOVE IT!!!!!!

Mon 11/15/2010 9:47 PM from Brisbane, Australia
Video's comments = We can't wait to get each weeks videos and watch with the notes supplied. It
makes it that much more INTERESTING (your favorite word Paster Mark). We have now started
an Israel Awareness group at our church with God's grace and we plan to use some of your
sermons with the notes if that is OK with you. My wife and I wish you and all you congregation a
VERY merry Hannukah celebration and hope and pray 2011 is a really blessed year to your whole
group. We keep you all in our prayers.

Mon 11/8/2010 1:52 PM
subject = New Website
comments = Your new website looks great! I've had fun clicking and finding everything. I like the
dynamic calendar too, so I can keep updated.

Sun 11/7/2010 9:44 AM
comments = I really appreciate the videos that you have provided this year for Sabbath and Torah
Club. It really adds something to be able to see a video. I also am so thankful for the notes. I love
to have the notes to follow along with and have a space to write my notes. That has really helped
me to organize. I did like previous years notes better where more notes were available. More of
the message was in the notes to follow along with. I understand the amount of time that takes
though so I am thankful for any kind of notes that are provided.
I haven't e-mailed any of my questions yet, but I really appreciate that I feel free to be able to have
my questions answered. I want to do that in the near future.
Thank you again for all your hard work and effort and my God continue to bless your ministry.

Sat 11/6/2010 2:15 PM
subject = Blessings
comments = May YHWH bless you/us to take the light of His Torah to the rest of the world. His
Torah, I believe, shines on this world like the sun in this new Title/Picture. Shalom!

Fri 11/5/2010 7:57 PM
subject = Web Site Navigation Link
comments = Aloha, First off we LOVE you guys! Baruch Hashem!!! We went to Israel with Pastor
Mark in Oct 2009 and have the time of our lives. Second... we were wondering if a link to Pastor
Marks speaking engagements, conferences or Israel trips can be posted for up and coming events
that he will be taking part in. Reason being people like us need to block off our calendars ahead
of time to be able to take part in his travels. Third... Did we tell you guys we LOVE you! *winks* ;)

(Note: check out our online dynamic calendar at http://www.elshaddaiministries.

Thu 11/4/2010 1:51 PM
Thank you Tom! Your new site looks wonderful and more organized! Keep up the great work.

Tue 11/2/2010 5:14 PM
subject = Web Site
comments = I like the new web page.
El Shaddai Ministries is a shining light to my husband and me. We asked the Lord to send us
mentors so we could continue to grow in the Lord. He sent us El Shaddai Ministries. Thank you for
the wonderful lessons in of the Torah and Brit Hadassah. Truly we have found precious gems
from the Word of G-d. :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010 4:16 PM
Just letting you know the new look on your web page is great! It's my home page, and I was
surprised when I first saw it today.
I also want to say "Thank you, so very much for all that you give us". I am using the contents of
what you are teaching and what I am learning to make blogs. I just started yesterday.
I, along with you, want to see this word getting out. You are a great blessing to the body of Christ.

Tue 11/2/2010 9:28 PM
comments = Like the new look. One thing I liked a little better is the drop-down and "fold-out"
menus instead of the buttons at the top of the page. Seems like I have to click on more "layers" to
get to where I want to go now. Once you are in a section, I like that you can click on a title link to
access it (guess that part is the same).


Wed 11/3/2010 9:20 AM
company = El Shaddai Ministries
jobtitle = Hearing & Obeying
subject = New site looks great
comments = A brighter, more lively, colorful look and feel. Simply terrific! Good Job

Tue 11/2/2010 2:43 PM
subject = Video
comments = Thank you so much Pastor Mark and team for putting up the video lessons. I have
hoped for so long that you would do something like this. It makes my day when I find a new video
on the site. Love the pdf notes too. Great job to all. What a blessing you are to so many people.


Tue 11/2/2010 8:53 AM
subject = New site
comments = I love the new site. I'm really excited about the new video, yea! Another answered
prayer. Love You Guys!

Thu 10/28/2010 7:25 AM
Theme/Subject = PDF Power Point
comments = The PDF power point slide are great. Quick down load and easier to use. Like the new
home page lay out

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