Friday, February 18, 2011

About the Cover

I received a book order yesterday that put a smile on my face! My eldest brother, who flew home to our childhood city of Rochester, NY in order to help our mother out with a few projects around her home....[Our mother is simply touched that he has done am I really?]

His email to me said, "Why can't persons who wish to purchase more than ten books have that option? On my website in clear verbiage it says..."If you wish to purchase a sizable quantity please contact me by the email provided"

My brother did not see this I guess? But what he ordered was a real blessing and one of the highest compliments so far that I have received....YOU SEE, I absolutely love the first born of our family. He lives in Texas with my sister in law of 30+ years.

When our Momma gave her life to our Savior she began attending a church in Rochester, NY 35 years ago. For the better part of her time in this church the Pastor, Pastor Ron Domina has been the senior guy to both my Mother's spiritual walk, and the church Family

The church is a huge supporter of Israel and stands shoulder to shoulder with CUFI (Christians United For Israel) I was told yesterday that he purchased one of my books...albeit my mom inadvertently took $5.00 too much from him. Nevertheless, this too, is a huge compliment!

Pastor Ron Domina has commanded my respect for years albeit, I have not lived in Rochester for 35 years. He is a rock solid man of faith, period! I hope that he enjoys reading the book. He does read my blog..

Note to Ron Domina: Thank you for never being anything less than what you gave always been to so many. Your service to others is exemplary....shalom!

My book is not what people might think at first glance.

I hope those of you who have endured difficult times as the God of Israel unfolds his presence in your life read my book. I do appreciate the money generated from the sales as it help me to keep going and do more...for others. I have had one honest criticism thus far.......Most are simply touched by the message contained in "UN-COLORING RACE"- Black to Briesheet-(www.hearandobey)

About the Cover:

When one peels back the blood of our Messiah nothing about the "Kids of the Kingdom" is colored in the manner that we have separated ourselves from him and one another due to Race, Religion & PAIN!
Un-Color Yourself....knowing HIM commands us to do this. So, "Keep the Commandments" if you love him.

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