Saturday, January 22, 2011

They wrote your bible, DUH?

The religious Jews are blind, right? The Christian who knows that this statement is not true knows this because of how blind Christianity is when it comes to the Jews.

I have been called a Judaiser, Sellout, Oreo, Uncle Tom, Christian Heretic, Jew Lover, Half Breed, Zionist, Nigger..... you name it! One of my very best friends of 20 years said, "You're in a cult!"  I summarily disconnected from him and his unwillingness to have an honorable discussion about his concerns. He proceeded to berate me while speaking with my adult daughter which [In her eyes] ended her respect for him. Within the black community in particularly among Christians many treat what I have to share as though I was doing the, "devils work!"

The Messianic movement is [in my opinion]...ridiculous! I have begun referring to it as the fastest growing RELIGION on earth! Depending on who you are speaking with well, you can't say God or Lord, you can't do this or you can't do that. I had a website bar me for saying LORD! Literally, I wrote a piece and submitted it to this website. They wrote back and said, "We are canceling your membership because you cannot even say the name of our God!" Did you notice that they used the name God? Even now I chuckle at how I was dismissed.

Their are Jews on this earth who won't speak to me because I believe in the deity of Messiah Yeshua. Many Jews (I am speaking about faith based Jewish folks) who look upon Christianity as though Christians are lunatics!

Probably the most central issue about all of this is how people defend what they believe. If you present a challenge to the belief (what ever it may be) it is as if you reached into their chest and yanked out their heart.

What I am finding, across the board is that I more often than not agree with the Jews about much of Christianity and Christians. [It is impossible for me to reach into your chest and yank out your heart as I am sitting at my desk miles away from you so...hear me out]

Christians often ask me, "Why do you hate the church?" I don't hate the church or Christians....My experiences have shown me that many Christians are simply illiterate when it comes to knowing the bible. I am not putting down Christians. I am telling you facts that I have realized over the course of the last few years. I have also meant many Jews who could care less about faith...far more than who love the God of Abraham.

Yesterday I was speaking with two Christian men who love the Lord, no doubt! I asked my standard questions that I have developed over the last 4 years about the Jewishness of Yeshua. I finally asked the most important question: "What do you know about his Jewishness?" Both men responded, "NOT MUCH" and they did so almost instantly. I see this all the time. Every time actually!

How is it possible to walk into a church carrying the book that was written by Jewish men...teach the scriptures that are forwarded by Jewish men, share the message that was delivered by Jewish men and not know the Jewishness of the Jewish people including the Messiah who was 100% Jew? I hear many, many times over, "Well they don't believe in Jesus." Okay, so what do they believe, why do they believe this? I get a blank stare almost always. (I realize while writing this I will be attacked for virtually every word 
written here)

I asked the two men...
  • How many sons were born to biblical Jacob?
  • How many daughters?
  • Who is Judah (The fourth born) and what do you know about him?
  • Why is Jesus referred to as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? 
  • Why do many of the Jews reject Yeshua.
  • Who is Ben David and Ben Joseph?
  • Why did the Jews according to TORAH put Yeshua on trial.
  • What do you know about Hebraic Root teaching?
I could have asked many, many questions. Suffice it to say these Guys did not know the answers to every question I asked above....
This is common any more to me. I have spoken to Pastors, Ministers, Prophets, Apostles, Bishops & Priests and had many of the same experiences...Now I am no biblical know it all to be very very clear but I am finding that most Christians and I mean most that I have spoken to are simply biblically illiterate. Most know the New Testament or are more familiar with this portion of scripture. I always ask, "How many times do you purchase a book, read the last several  chapters ONLY and know the story inside and out? Most say never! I follow with, why are you doing that with God's word? Their are reasons for all of this......But do you want to learn them or are you satisfied with being blind?

I ask the Jews about the New Testament...most do not know anything at all concerning what is written in the New Testament. They have been taught to reject it (Not all but for the most part this is true) The Jews who do know it, who have studied it can tell you volumes of information either for or against Jesus. What is most amazing about this is virtually everything they share YOU have never heard in the church! (I have to be careful about using absolutes here...or do I?)

I support Israel because I think it is wrong to blame this nation for just about everything wrong on this earth. I think it wrong to cozy up to the idea that we need to wipe the Jews off the planet, push them into the Mediterranean. I always ask, "If we allow the Jews to be murdered AGAIN...who will be next?" The answer nowadays is Christians...We are already being killed globally, DUH!

I am not an activist for the Jews or Israel. If I am anything at all it is this: I am fascinated by the Miracle of the Jews and Israel. I think it is criminal to read what they wrote every Sunday, teach what they taught every Sunday and then toss them under the bus because many, not all do not believe in Jesus. Believe me when I say this to you all...I don't believe in the Jesus that the Church has taught to me either!

I absolutely, with out hesitation believe in the man that picked the twelve disciples and who Rabbi Shaul (Apostle Paull) wrote about. I fully believe in the deity of this Jewish man who was rejected by many of the religious leaders of his day and murdered by Gentiles.I fully believe that this very Jewish man rose from the dead and will return to Israel. I think that when this happens both the church and the Jews and everything that has breath will hit the deck and realize just how amazingly deceived we have all been. The Messiah will be the one to  yank that deception right out of your chest!

Now back to the Jewish teachers of the scriptures....How many times have you heard a Rabbi teach the scriptures? If the answer is none...why not? You read what they wrote. You read what they passed down from generation to generation. You read what they have been taught while being slaughtered in every century. You read what they have held together without a country for 2000 years. You read what God poured into them for nearly 4000 years. I did not say that you must agree with everything they know but my gosh...what do they know? Every time I listen to a Rabbi teach the scriptures I learn something amazing; my mouth hits the floor! I know that many don't believe what I believe but what they teach and how they teach it is brilliant. I have heard some Rabbi's teach that cause me to get up and walk out. Without question...and for the most part this is very, very rare.

I believe that in light of what is happening in this world....for you the Christian to not extend a hand to the Jews is just stupid! I also think that for the Jew to not extend a hand to the Christian is just as stupid! However, If that Christian tells you to accept Jesus...RUN! If that Jew starts putting down what you believe, RUN!
If you can agree to have coffee and talk about the kids this is a good thing...

We have to come together. An army is being raised up to cut off our heads....If you are a Christian who thinks this note is absurd and that the Jews have been replaced. You are possibly the most foolish thing in all of creation. If you are a Muslim and think you will kill all of the Jews and take Israel away from them.....I almost feel sorry for you but it will be good to see you......Gone!

If you are a black person who thinks I am nuts because of my absolute support of Israel and the Jewish people give your bible to someone else...YOU don't deserve it. More important than this is you have no idea why I would even be this provocative about the matter. This must change!

Just for the record, I am a child of God, a Kid of the Kingdom and I simply love this amazing journey with God's amazing creation! You can learn a lot from the Jews... and the Jews can learn a lot from the Christians (Those who are not spewing REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY!)

I really, truly do think that we should sit down with one another and have coffee. Perhaps, talk about the kids, or the weather or food or possibly nothing at all. 
                                           Radical Islam does not want to talk to any of us!

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I Really, Really enjoyed this.
MESSIAh said they Hated HIM 1st. as they do I, You, and Many more