Monday, January 10, 2011

In Memorium

Every time that I see the news reports flash a picture of this beautiful little girl my heart literally collapses for this family. I raised two daughters who mean the world to me. My biggest fear has always been that something horrible would happen to them. It was hard to raise them with this fear ever present. My girls will tell you that "Dad was overly protective!"

What has happened in Arizona is horrific. One cannot describe the feelings that now abound in so many. The loss of this little girl has just struck me in such away that you wonder what next and when. We have lost so much in the area of human decency....These events happen with regularity, globally. We have lost our way. One would have to be completely oblivious to the miracle of life itself to not see this.

I am profoundly sorry for what this family must now endure.

In Memorium
Christina-Taylor Green

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