Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The First to Disappear, DIE?

Another layer of the unlimited word of Yahweh to consider?

You all know Christianity, this is why you don't know the Hebraic patterns found on virtually every page of the bible. God follows Patterns the Greeks followed science and philosophy. Christianity came from the GREEKS not the Jewish Messiah (Check this out)

Adam was a seed, placed into the Garden which is where the temple mount is today (I am not going to go into that here)
Out of Adam was Eve taken...she was like a blossom from the seed. Through her all mankind was born (Adam was not born, but Eve, She came out of another human being) and she did so with no pain to Adam (But the curse changed that)

They broke covenant and became like Tares. The Tares were removed (Forcibly) from the Garden They were separated from the good seed Tares from the wheat (This is a pattern that is repeated throughout the biblical story) Adam and Eve both died (Death destroyed them having been given Amazing Grace.)

So they were separated and destroyed (death) Tares separated from the Wheat

Noah closed up the ark and all of those who were not in God's sanctuary (The Ark) were swept away...separated and destroyed (death) Noah and his family (no longer two people were extended AMAZING GRACE) Noah and His family became the New Seed planted in the earth

The descendants of Jacob (Israel) was separated from Egypt (No longer a family like Noah but they became a Nation. They broke God's covenant and were kicked out of the Land. The Assyrians took the Northern Kingdom and Babylon took the Southern Kingdom. They were removed from the land..Tares separated from the wheat

So lets summerize.......

Creation  you have two people

after the flood,  A family

After the exodus, A Nation

Now lets look at what the bible says will happen to the first to disappear in the rapture. Remember the bible is presented to us in layers. Every layer according to the ancient sages has 70 differing layers. God's number is 7

1st Chronicles 21:18-23 King David bought the land from Ornan
  • ORNAN the Jebusite had a barn where the tares were separated from the wheat on this land (Bad from the good) The Threshing floor
  • The reason he bought the land was to build the temple of the Lord
  • (Samuel told him that he was not going to build it but that His son Solomon would. Solomon was like the 1st Anti Christ] Solomon was given great wisdom and then he did absolutely nothing that God told him to do..he did just the opposite.
2nd Chronicles 3:1-2 confirms why King David PURCHASED the land.
  • Remember King David paid a price for the temple (So did Jesus in the same place years later)
  • Think of the price Messiah paid (We are now the temple that Jesus purchased (Patterns)
Ezekiel 39: 17-20 A rather horrible prophesy but you need to see it and understand it
  • The birds and the beast will be gathered to feed on the dead (Main point)
Revelations 19:10-18
  • John is seeing what Ezekiel prophesied about the birds and the wild beast gathered to feed on the dead (Main point)
  • He is seeing those that are to be judged gathered for destruction (Tares)
Matthew 13:24-30 Tares and Wheat
  • The parable about the Tares and the Wheat
  • Notice how Jesus said, don’t mess with it yet? (verse 29) The Harvest was not time.
  • He then says, “I will say to the reapers, first gather together the TARES and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the WHEAT into my barn (Barn equals "The Garden, The Ark, Israel and the Millennial Jerusalem)
  • Remembering what King David purchased and why(?)
Luke 17:26-37 The one will be taken and the other will be left
  • The Tare will be taken and the wheat will be left
  • Verse 37: And they asked where  Lord? (are those who disappear first taken to?)
  • Jesus answers and says,
  • "Where the dead are gathered for the birds”
Where does the wheat go? The wheat or the harvest goes into the HOUSE of the Lord or the KINGDOM of the Lord
I did not give you every verse but would ask of you to do some home work. Compare your study with the original Hebrew script and meaning  or certainly how the very JEWISH thought of the writer is applied here.

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