Saturday, January 8, 2011

Challenge what you know

It is fascinating to have been on this journey now for four years. When the God of creation told me to get to know the Jewishness of Jesus everything, and I mean everything in my life changed. My children are grown, a  very difficult and broken marriage ended  in October 2009, the divorce final in August 2010.

I moved from one  city to another and wrote a book. Personally, the most painful time of my adult life [emotionally] is subsided. Four nearly 22 years the mother of my kids and I lived broken. I knew the divorce was a matter of time but I wanted my kids to grow up with Dad, not without (Mission accomplished!)

The other side of the last four years has been watching the miracle of the bible become almost as earth shattering as is creation itself. What I have learned and continue to learn makes 35 years of knowing Jesus as a Christian almost embarrassing. Christianity opened a door. What happened four years ago looking back I can barely see what I learned in the church. The difference is like going from living on the head of a pin to living on the very sun itself! I absolutely know that the God of creation is correcting what we have learned and he is doing it on a level that really, no religious belief on this earth has taught.

What the Jews know when not focusing on man-made traditions is by far the closest to what and who our creator is. What they have been learning for centuries is simply incredible. It is shameful that much of Christianity discards Judaism. Christianity teaches the Gospels but it does so 3/4 of the way into the whole story discarding in one sense the foundation. The "Old Testament" is treated as a resource...BIG, GIGANTIC HORRIFIC mistake....The deception that permeates 30,000 differing doctrines in the church is the outcome of having done this.

Jesus did not teach New Testament did not exist. He taught what was Judaism, he taught the TORAH. As Christians, if we don't go learn what the TORAH is and or the LAW then we are cutting off the foundation that taught to us everything. Now when I listen to fellow Christians speak about the LAW or TORAH I realize how absolutely, without question, and believe you me...amazingly WRONG what we have been taught is according to the word. I know why the Jews look at us like crazy people!!!

On the other hand, when I listen to the Jews about our Savior, whose name was Yeshua (Jesus is the translation) I realize how WRONG Judaism also is concerning HIS deity. The infighting and self-righteous attitudes among the differing branches of Judaism are just as bad. The Jews however, understand more about the OLD Testament (I hate these two terms)

To use an analogy Christians are like a NEW BORN babies when understanding the bible and Jews are like old men who have studied the bible for centuries....
If you don't, at the very least look into the study of Hebraic Root you cannot understand why I would make such a statement. Your first reaction is to be offended.
Trust me, I have been saying this and watching this happen for four years.

Every Christian that I have shared this with who has gone on to Challenge What They Know (And I mean EVERY single one) has come back  expressing, "My God, this is blowing my mind!"

Meanwhile, I am watching with clarity the remarkable HELL that is being formed against all of creation. Folks, the end time scenario (Before Messiah returns)...on the whole, virtually everyone on this earth has no idea how awful it really is about to become. (So very hard to explain this) If you balk at the study of Hebraic Root...I guarantee you, YOU are in for one awful surprise!

I hope and pray that you challenge what you know

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