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It simply boggles my mind that TOO many black folks are oblivious to what God is doing? I mean no disrespect but the black church, across the spectrum is truly not in step with what is going on. Many, many churches are out of step with what our Creator is getting ready to allow to happen across this globe.

I don't know everything and the more I learn about the Jewishness of the scriptures the more I realize that I don't know very much at all. But, in this area, I know more than do most of you! I have been speaking about this to you all for four years, trust me, Many of you simply don't have a clue about what is unfolding prophetically because you only know the NEW TESTAMENT.

Forgive my passion but it is morbidly, true. I keep wondering what will be the cost?

The most amazing thing about all of this is HOW we carry the Bible, written by the Hebrew hand into the church and toss the Jews under the bus! The histories of black folk mirrors the history of Israel on so many levels and yet most black folk don't bother to learn why or how this is so. I don't mean this statement in the way that so called Black Hebrew Israelites do...They represent to me the most comical aspect of anything...JEWISH! In other words, I disagree with these folks across the board.

For example:

Israel is surrounded by Iranian proxies (God's chosen people are facing annihilation once again) The current United States leadership is tossing Israel under the bus [BIG, Gigantic, mistake!]When Great Britain did this very same thing back in the early 1920's Churchill's "White Papers" undermining the Belfour Declaration the Empire declined in less than 50 years.

Basically, Israel was tossed under the bus by the British Empire. The British Empire no longer exist and Sharia Law is now standard with in the country of Great Britain. Imagine surviving Hitler but losing prominence over Israel.

There are those of you who think you will be raptured out of this earth while God's chosen people go to the slaughter once again. You think this because YOU don't know the Old Testament, You don't know who the 12 sons of Jacob were or the nation that came out of them. You don't know Judah, his descendants, The royal House of David and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah....And you don't know why the Jews that returned to Israel in 1948 were not a bunch of black folks!!

In the year 136AD Emperor Hadrian wiped the Jews out of the Land and renamed the land Philistia or Palestine READ THIS ARTICLE

YOU don't understand any of this if you think the church is going to escape judgment!

How are woman stoned? Do you even know under Sharia?

Those of you following our current Government are following it over a cliff and you don't know it. I am not talking about Republican or Democrat or our first so called "Mixed President" [I could careless about his color]

What Wiki leaks is exposing, I am beginning to think is the Hand of God moving!

Israel is surrounded by nations that want to kill her (Prophetic) while Iran is surrounded by the United States military. Both China and Russia are supporting Iran. Iran is comprised of Shia and the rest of the Muslim world is Sunni....Shia is 15% while Sunni is 85% None of the Sunni world wants Iran to have nuclear weapons. The Iranians are Persian while the rest of the Islamic world is Arab. Iran is wanting to attack Saudi Arabia as bad as you want  the post office to bring you a check for 10.000 bucks...And many of you don't have a clue!.....
God is de-constructing the economic system in the world (It cannot exist when His kingdom is established) The destruction of the twin towers was a warning and yet.....The church is almost deaf and certainly mute! (Also prophetic)

READ the following (You really need to see and then decide for yourself)

December 6, 2010
Contact Morton A. Klein at: 212-481-1500


We now know that President Barack Hussein Obama apparently intentionally misled Israel when demanding that Israel must make substantial one-sided concessions to the Palestinian Authority in order to gain support from the Arab nations to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
This above stated fact is screaming from the pages of the recently released 250,000 diplomatic cables by the whistle-blowing organization, Wikileaks

These leaked documents reveal that the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are insistent on stopping Iran’s nuclear program above any other consideration including the Israel-Palestinian Arab situation. 
These diplomatic cables prove that President Obama and Secy. Of State Clinton knew from the outset that this linkage paradigm was utterly false and that the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict was no obstacle to wide Arab support for the toughest possible sanctions and even military action against Iran.

It is deeply troubling to go back and read President Obama’s public statement to Israel about Iran when he said, “If there is a linkage between Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, I personally believe it actually runs the other way. To the extent that we can make peace with the Palestinians – between the Palestinians and the Israelis – then I actually think it strengthens our hand in the international community in dealing with a potential Iranian
Obama and Clinton repeatedly insisted that it is necessary to first deal with the Palestinian issue as the way to stop Iran.  This never made sense – now we see that it also contradicted the specific information Obama received from his own U.S. officials.

Now we know that President Obama was repeatedly urged by many Arab leaders to destroy the Iranian nuclear program they feared – that was their primary concern and priority, not strengthening Abbas and the PA and pressuring Israel.

Some statements from the Wikileaks release:
  • Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah didn’t mention the Palestinians but pleaded with Obama to “cut off the head of the [Iranian] snake.”
  • King of Bahrain told the US the Iranian nuclear program “must be stopped.”  Later added, “The danger of letting it go on is greater than the danger of stopping it.”
  • The United Arab Emirates defense chief Crown Prince Mohammed Bin-Zayed of Abu Dhabi told US General John Abizaid the US needs to take action against Iran, “this year or next.”…”Ahmadinejad is Hitler.”
  • Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak said the Iranians are “big fat liars.”
  • Qatar’s Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, ”had told the Israelis in October 2006 that he believed Iran was determined to develop a nuclear bomb no matter the cost.” Israeli diplomats told their US counterparts “Hamad complained at the time that he felt the U.S. would not listen to him and tended to believe what it heard from Iran.”
  • Israel’s deputy director of Foreign Ministry Yaacov Hadas said, “The Gulf Arabs believe in Israel’s role because of their perception of Israel’s close relationship with the US, but also due to their sense that they can count on Israel against Iran.”
  • Washington Times Eli Lake wrote [12-2-10] “The new disclosures by Wikileaks coincide with other classified cables made public in recent days that show Arab leaders have been urging US officials to take military action against Iran.”
Jerusalem Post editor Dovid Horowitz wrote [12-1-10],

“Obama was not the prisoner of a misconception, convinced in absolute good faith that if he could deliver Israeli concessions at the negotiating table he might stand a greater chance of getting the Arabs on board for the battle with the mullahs.  No, he had the diplomatic cables to prove that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was no obstacle to wide Arab backing, indeed wide Arab entreaties, for the toughest possible measures against Iran, emphatically including military action…“Obama had internalized full well that he didn’t actually need the cover of a substantive Israeli-Palestinian peace process to generate Arab support for tackling Iran’s nuclear program, but chose to pressure Israel just the same, as a tactic, because he felt Israel was not being sufficiently forthcoming on the Palestinian front… “It is not fair to indicate to the Israeli prime minister, when it’s patently untrue, that he ought to put aside some of his skepticism and take risks for peace because otherwise Israel might impede the US’s capacity to thwart the genocidal enemy, Iran.”

A Jerusalem Post editorial (11-30-10) stated: 

“Prominent pundits of Mideast affairs have argued Israel alone was pushing for military attack on Iran, WikiLeaks debunked these theories.  

In recent years, prominent pundits of Middle East affairs such as Foreign Policy’s Marc Lynch, The Nation’s Robert Dreyfuss, and Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, authors of The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, have argued that Israel alone was pushing for a military attack on Iran. “It was the ubiquitous “Israel lobby” that would make sure the US continued to threaten Iran with military strikes, said Walt and Mearsheimer. It was clear to all that “for Saudi Arabia the worst thing that could happen would be... an Israeli attack on Iran,” Dreyfuss claimed just this month. Lynch, meanwhile, asserted that “while Arab leaders would
certainly like Iranian influence checked, they generally strongly oppose military action which could expose them to retaliation.” Warmongering Israel, ran the thesis, was single-handedly endangering geopolitical stability by attempting to plunge the Middle East into a war with the US.
“All of these learned gentlemen also posited the premise of “linkage,” according to which all Middle East pathologies are a direct outcome of Israeli aggression and obstinacy. Only after the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is solved, they have argued, can other issues, such as Iran’s
belligerence, be addressed. “Sunday’s revelations provided by
WikiLeaks conclusively debunk these risible theories. “From the flood of classified documents, it has become unequivocally clear that Israel is not alone in arguing that Iran, rather than perceived Israeli intransigence on the Palestinian issue, is the principal destabilizing element in the Middle East. We can read in black on white that a broad coalition of Arab countries, particularly in the Persian Gulf area, have been articulating to American leaders for some time, in private and intense conversations, their fear of Iran and, in some cases, the desperate need to take military action…

“What is also now clear is that some American foreign policy experts, who may have had significant influence on the Obama administration, were wrong to single out Likud-led Israel and the neocon “cabal” in America as the sole driving force behind the military option for Iran. And their insistence that a Palestinian state is prerequisite to mustering Arab support for sanctions or military action against Iran is definitively disproved – revealed as either a severe analytical error or part of a deliberate bid to prompt unwarranted US pressure on Israel.

“Whatever the wider repercussions of the WikiLeaks cable deluge, it has exposed
the hypocrisy of those Arab leaders who publicly blame Israel for their woes while privately pleading for military measures to thwart their true enemy, Iran
. And it has exposed the incompetence, too, or malice, of the analysts who took those Arab leaders’ public
utterances at face value, and utilized them in a bid to ratchet up pressure on, and to besmirch, Israel.” ZOA Co-Directors of Government Relations Joshua London and Dan Pollak said, “One of the many deeper questions people should be asking of President Obama is, despite the clear evidence available to you, why did you recklessly waste time and resources pretending that there is some semblance of a diplomatic ‘link’ between the ‘peace process” and the Iranian nuclear threat?”

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “We can see from these leaks that the Obama Administration has been cynically using the Iranian nuclear issue as a tool for extracting concessions from Israel, knowing all the while that such concessions bear no relation whatsoever to regional support for confronting Iran. The clear vision of the Arab states is of the threat that Iran poses to them, and their greatest desire is to end that threat.”
“These cables increase the validity of many analysts and journalists views who state that President Obama may be the most hostile president to Israel, ever. 

Mr. President, Israel is the most reliable ally to the United States in the Mideast.  Mr. President, we respectfully ask you to start acting on that truth.”

If you knew YOUR OLD TESTAMENT you would see that all of this has happened before...We just did not have NUCLEAR WEAPONS in those times.

Please Un-Color Yourself from your race & your religion
so you can see what the KING of The Jews is doing

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