Friday, December 31, 2010

Tribulation sneaking up on those who don't know TORAH

Before you read this it known that I personally no longer believe in the rapture of the church as taught in Christianity [as mentioned in the video clips below by Prophesy in the News]

I can track what this guy David Brennan is saying to the
  • Scopes Monkey Trial
  • Kicking prayer out of Schools
  • Abortion made legal
  • The United States pushing Israel to give up GAZA in 2005 (The Last settlement was forced out on August 05, 2005
Hurricane Katrina happened later that month

Hurricane Katrina

David Brennan...[If he understood the biblical Feast days he would possibly faint!]
Most of the events that he is addressing happened on biblical Feast days (Jesus' Appointed times) Leviticus 23
Part One
Part Two

When the United States successfully causes the division of Israel the judgment against our nation will be horrific and immediate. Right now, a quartet of nations is moving to divide Israel...
The same pattern happened when Alexander the Greats kingdom ended.....
GOD follows and repeats patterns. YOU won't see this in Christianity. You only see this in scriptures when you connect Jesus to his brethren (The Jews)  and not Christianity.

Everything is tied to what happens in Israel........

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