Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank you for coming along with what is in my head and my heart

If you are hungry for more...learn what Hebraic Root is teaching...learn the root of our faith!

What do you mean, "I have never been to your website?" That means that you have never made a contribution or supported me. Tell me, are you praying for me. I really do need prayer. Here are a couple of links that help you to see what was literally placed into my brain one day in a millisecond. I have been sharing this to who ever will listen ever since.

I have learned more from God's word in the last four years than I did over the last 35 years...It is simply amazing!!!!!! I no longer see the bible in the way that Christianity taught me...I see it as so much more, so very, very, very much more

This new year 2011 promises to be UNBELIEVABLE! (Hang on to your seat and stay close to the King of Israel!)

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