Monday, December 20, 2010

Politically Incorrect, ON PURPOSE!

by Jeff Morton on Monday, December 20, 2010

In 1948, the only nation in the history of the world Israel, was reborn. The ancient language of the Hebrews was also reborn a little more than 150 years ago.
The nation of Israel is attacked over and over and over again.
Hitler also wanted to kill the Jewish people and so too, have tyrants that span human history.

Let's take a look at the absurdity occurring of late.

In modern times a new tyrant has arisen. These are the minions of people who pronounce to the whole world their allegiance to absolute lies, distortions, and lunacy concerning the history of Israel. They do so in the defense of the only people on earth born into this world as refugees for nearly 61 years.

Before going any further, you should know that I personally have attended protests against Israel, meetings, lectures, and boycotts. I have always attended these events as a staunch supporter of Israel. I defend Israel on several levels. I have never been to physical Israel. [The truth of the matter is that I cannot afford the ticket.] This is the only reason that I have not gone to see for myself the truth of what I already know. However, I have visited this land in my studies for well over 25 years.

* I know the history of the people and the land
* I know the history of the Arabs who the ignorant refer to as Palestinians.
* I have studied the geo-political circumstance that caused Trans-Jordan and Israel both to rise out of the desert. Israel’s rebirth is miraculous and Jordan’s creation was specifically brought about to prevent war.
* I’ve researched how the ancient language of the Hebrews was re-introduced beginning with the efforts of Eliezer Ben Yehuda

When ever I attend the protests or boycott meetings against Israel, they have a sort of maniacal format.

To explain: I went to a boycott meeting in Olympia, Washington. [Most of these meetings are very similar in content.]

The meeting was the result of a rather insignificant food whole sale distributor who was now refusing to stock products from Israel. The meeting was morbidly, politically correct in how those gathered were told to conduct their involvement. I felt as though I was having church in hell, it was truly an Orwellian experience. The rules were [and I am not kidding,] flutter your hands above your head in place of applause. Momentary breaks were encouraged to stand and "Wiggle ones self free of human frustration" I don't have the mentality to make this stuff up! No outbursts understandably were aloud and if you were not a member you had to participate in a lottery drawing. I won the lottery! I listened to fabrication and buffoonery for over an hour.

I was in a room full of people who were absolutely clueless about the historical facts concerning Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. In fact, I am sure that there were those among us who would have insisted that the earth was flat and at the center of the galaxy! One lady did talk about returning America to the Indians. She did so for an exhaustive amount of time. It was like watching a Saturday Night Live sketch.

I often ask (when allowed to speak)

1. Can anyone here name the last group of Israeli’s who boarded several commercial airplanes for the expressed purpose of murdering innocent people?
2. Please, can anyone list the names of any Jewish mothers who committed murder while killing themselves?
3. Can anyone present list for me the Jewish children who were murdered, [regularly I might add] by their parents who force them to wear bombs about themselves in order to murder other children?

Typically, the room ushers me to the side because they don’t want to hear TRUTH. More importantly is that they are somewhat surprised that a black American knows anything at all about Israel.This is what is the most disconcerting. These folks are blind to almost everything and incredulous when they realize that I am not. A sort of new age emotion, fundamentally supported by absolute stupidity is at work in every one of these debates or gatherings. It truly is obscene to witness the complete and total disconnect of the facts.

I ask when ever I can respond to the issue concerning historical Palestine:
* Can anyone here name the royal blood line of the ancient kings and queens of the Palestinian people? (Their are none of course)
* Please note for the sake of clarity one or more archaeological excavations that has resurrected the antiquity of the Palestinian? (You guess it, none)
* Can you site for me the ancient literature, scientific discovery, education, and or academic contributions of the Palestinian? (Right again, none!)

It is quite difficult to have a discussion with emotional people concerning truth. It is impossible to have a meaningful discourse with these folks. What is absolutely horrid, in my opinion, is that these folks have a platform. Their mission is resonating across the spectrum. People love to see the under dog overcome.

The picture below, a map of the region [for those who have not lost our minds] should at the very least reveal the true underdog in this conflict. The picture illustrates the Arab population that surrounds Israel

The red dot is the actual underdog in this historical struggle. This picture alone is a standout representation of the lunacy surrounding my reason for writing this article.

The Arabs (many, not all) do not want Israel to exist. They believe that they OWN this part of the planet. They also believe that killing the Jewish people, wiping them off the planet is the “Final Solution” to the Middle East conflict I support Israel, vehemently support Israel specifically for this reason the most. When we as a society believe it to be okay that we allow an entire race of people, a nation, a member of humanity to be slaughtered due to HATE and lies, the obvious question is WHOSE NEXT?

There is no such thing as a historical Palestinian. The history is very clear about the desert that became Israel, again in 1948.

The stooges who believe otherwise are the children of parents who did not maintain the national identity of their kids, certainly the history. The Jewish people are the only people in the history of the world who did and they did so without a country for two thousand years. This too, is a first in the annals of nations.

For the record, the government of Israel makes mistakes. The constant barrage of missiles, murderous Arabs and threat of war would rattle anyone or nation. How Israel has had to defend itself is unique to every corner of the universe. No other people have had to do so, EVER!

The biggest mistake they have made in my opinion is giving up any part of the land. As far as the casualties of having to retaliate in GAZA, [yes I said RETALIATE] well, if Israel’s government had not forsaken the land in 2005 they would not be dealing with the hell of HAMAS and the PLO.

To capitulate to the pressure of the United States and others has proven to be unwise over and over again. Additionally, if Israel had not taken these refugees in shortly after her rebirth they would not be living this particular nightmare. I am sure it would be of another nature because the teachings found in Q’ran demands it.

Oh my, did I say refugee. Well yes I did! These Palestinian people (Arabs) are actually people who Egypt and Transjordan tossed out of their countries. Israel took them in, gave to them sanctuary shortly after her rebirth and because of war. Those horrible Jews did what they have always done, helped people!

In comparison, where are the truth seekers and why are you not as loud and as vocal about the facts?

Israel is a modern miracle unparalleled that hatred and ignorance is desperately attempting to keep YOU from realizing. Stand with Israel, the truth about this amazing country and people will unfold like a tapestry woven into the very lives of all of us. Thank you!

Jeff Morton the author of Un-Coloring Race, “Black to B’reisheet, and several on-line published articles and essays. He is an American who was born black. Mr. Morton resides in the Pacific Northwest

For a complete and factual analysis of the Middle East conflict I recommend two books by Mr. Victor Sharpe

POLITICIDE, The attempted murder of the Jewish state and POLITICIDE volume II Both are available at

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