Friday, December 31, 2010

A message from a messenger

Those of you who think that I am tossing what you believe under the bus....Well, I am not doing that. I am offering to you what Jesus did...He offered to those who had misinterpreted His Father's instructions...a way to better see them....You choose! At the very least, challenge what you know. It does the Body of Christ GOOD!

The most amazing thing about why I do this is that I continue to realize just how much I don't know.

If you don't watch all of the video clips (Over a period of time) the consequence will be almost identical to becoming a Christian and then only learning the last part of the bible....Now who does that?

Watch this first:

There are 8 videos on YOU TUBE

Mark Biltz One of Eight "REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY"
Be sure to go back to you tube to watch the rest

Jim Staley One of Nine "IDENTITY CRISIS"
Be sure to return to You Tube to watch the rest

If you have no understanding of the Biblical Festivals...give your bible to someone else...IT IS DOING YOU absolutely no good!

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