Friday, December 31, 2010

It's going to get much, much, much worse & very, very, very SOON!

When sharing the Hebraic Roots teaching or returning the discussion back to the beginning, those who take that journey have all said the following (Not one person has rejected the message in four years...not one!)

I get 3 reactions. I hear the following almost routinely now.
1 Why don't we know this information?
2 This is blowing my mind.
3 Almost everyone has gotten angry because of what we were not taught in the church.

Far too many Americans have no idea what is happening. When I speak to churches, many have (especially in the black church) have no idea about some of the things I have listed below. Please, the church has to wake up and get out of the comfort of how things used to be.

Many do not know the biblical signs or warning that God placed in both how and what the sun and the moon are doing. Many do not know how these events line up with the biblical Feasts (wrongly called Jewish holidays) The Lord is very clear in Leviticus 23 that these days are HIS holy convocations and we are to know them. He gave this information to the Hebrews and they wrote it down in your bible.
Genesis 1:14-19

Please watch this entire video…This information went around the globe and caused NASA to take a second look at the Lunar and Solar eclipses. The following video will take almost an hour to watch (If you don’t watch the whole thing, you will not get what HE is building up to showing or explaining)

Eclipses from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo

46 of the 50 states will soon declare bankruptcy?

Did you know that children are routinely hunted by Brazilian police? Many are killed because they are homeless. A bounty of $50.00 is often paid to those who claim the bounty.
This happens in the Caribbean too.

The gangs of South America are actually former soldiers and commandos who are setting up shop in many black neighborhood, killing blacks, and black gang members.

Hundreds if not thousands of Arabs are streaming across the Mexican American border…Most are HAMAS & Hezbollah along with Al Qeada.
Hezbollah is well trained and found throughout South America
Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea Darfur fall to Islamic Slavery Christians are slaughtered routinely.
Pygmies are routinely murdered and then EATEN for virility and strength

American children sold into sex slave on the rise

Black teens among highest rates of aids patients

Black Abortions
(Planned Parenthood created by racist who targeted killing black children)
Margaret Sanger:
It is my prayer that you challenge what you know.
To God be the Glory

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