Friday, December 31, 2010

From the Heart

One of the many things that I am not, is one who teaches the Hebraic Root message. I can declare here and now that in my heart, this is the revival message occurring. What is not happening or rather, how it is happening...spreading across the globe is not like any of us thought. [This is just like our Father, He never shows his hand entirely]

I am not a Mark Biltz or Tony Robinson. What these people have learned is simply incredible. People like Rico Cortes, Jim Staley, Avi Lipkin and others simply cause my mouth to drop. [I could list the names of over 50 people here most of you don't know two of them] I did not know any of these folks a few years ago myself.

Ye-HoVaH is doing what I cannot do and he is doing it in his time...I have to constantly remember this

I have never known any Pastor, Minister or Bishop teach from the scriptures what I am seeing explode all over the world. I so appreciate the Internet which allows me to connect to people the world over. What I am is like Paul Revere warning [as a watchman] of what is soon to occur.

I listen to both Orthodox Rabbis and Messianic Rabbis. I have gone to synagogues and spoken to so many Jewish folks both believers and non. What I come away with is mind blowing. I can truly say that what I learned in Evangelical Christianity, is rather shallow in comparison. I thank God almighty that I did not learn from traditional churches. Ultimately I have to say that in Christianity I was robbed. I am learning to not apologize for such statements because you have to know why I would say such a thing. Their is nothing more critical, absolutely nothing!

I think that all in all what Christianity did was show me the God of Israel. However, what Christianity did to his son was make him into a Christian, something he simply never was and neither were the disciples. When I was made aware of the astronomical difference learning about the Jewishness of Jesus everything changed. I think it is horrible to say that Christians are not believers and are screwed up because of what we were taught. The God of Israel did not stop being the God of Israel when the church walked away from our Jewish brothers.

Many of the Rabbis know that a great chunk of Christianity is part of the scattered nations of Israel but the church teaches Replacement Theology. Many Rabbis hate what the church has done to thousands, if not millions of Jews over the years. Many rabbis also reject the deity of Jesus (Yeshua) I now know why and it makes perfect sense based on the orthodoxy of what they have learned for centuries. I simply disagree with what they insist is true..I do the same now with Christianity. What is happening in the world puts people like me in the middle [ or completely on the outside] of this ancient rivalry. Keep in mind however that the Jews do not have a history of killing Christians.

In Christianity the fact that Jesus was Jewish and what that meant was never uttered to me...not one time in 35 years. We were taught that this part of who he was in the flesh is obsolete. I listen to those who follow Christianity say, You trying to put me under the law" Or that the Law is fulfilled and we now have grace....They don't realize those statements are Replacement Theology doctrine. After all were Adam and Eve given grace? Of course they were...Noah is the standout epitome of Ye-HoVaH's grace.Think about that for just a second.

The Messiah was 100% Jewish in the flesh and he taught to everyone he came in contact with the same laws that were given to Moses and that Abraham obeyed (Genesis 26:4-5) ......Then amazingly, he declared it is fulfilled and now the Law is fulfilled but he says over and over and over, "Keep my commandments?"

I would describe myself as the town crier or the one who opens the door for you to see a whole other way to look at the scriptures. For me, it is as if I have an awakening happening in my spirit that is so much bigger in scope than I can comprehend and I want so desperately to share it with you.

I was the first one in my family (Siblings) to accept the Lord. I proceeded to learn about him through the church like many of us did. to share with you those years verses what is bursting in my spirit. Its as if I can take the message that the church teaches (The Good News) and put it on the wings of a fly verse what learning, in great depth about why Jesus was Jewish and what is hidden in this fact alone. Its like going from a fly to a spaceship that cannot pass between the earth and the sun because it is too big? This is so hard to explain to people.

What I do as I study the Hebraic mindset of the scriptures is see layers and layers and layer of revelation that simply is not taught in Christianity on Sunday mornings.

I see the God of Israel when my eyes are opened and closed. In the weather, the water and the air I breath. I see Him in everything. Their is nothing that can be seen or unseen that does not declare him. I then see the patterns that he has repeated over & over & over in the lives of people, in events that happened in every century. Kings or presidents repeat the kingdoms and presidencies over and over again. The difference is the people and the century that repeat the Hebraic pattern of the story of redemption.

As far as weather, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, eclipses both solar and lunar, the monthly cycle of the moon all are telling a story that he is declaring. If we do something stupid and whole heartedly against his will he shows to us his reaction. The same is true when we do something that lifts him up...he blesses. This is automatic and built into his creation. It causes your mouth to drop and your heart to be full of expectation.

Many of you think the moon going from a sliver to a full moon is science. It is is a pattern and in Judaism the pattern follows what Israel was made to learn and YOU or many of you have no idea about this. The very things that God placed into what makes Israel, Israel and the Jews the Jews reveals what God is doing and most of you have no idea what the Jews know and why they know it! Yet you carry the book that they wrote, inspired by the God of Abraham into church on Sundays. This is the most diabolical deception on earth. It really, truly is!

So what I do is to point you all to those who teach this, who share this. It is possibly the single most important thing in YOUR life to learn. I say this for one simple but at the same time, enormous reason; We are quite possibly the last generation who will endure the culmination of his plan thus far. You simply have to come away from what you have always known so that you can see something...that you have never known!

I speak a blessing over your NEW YEAR. May you meet the same person that Adam met when he 1st opened his eyes.

God bless each and every one of you.

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Susan Geitner said...

YAY! Another Brother! Torah keeping believer here and LOVE the TRUTH it does set us free, Amein? Shabbat Shalom!