Sunday, November 21, 2010

What do you know about what you believe?

I speak with Jews, Christians, Catholics, & Muslims (very few Buddist's) I speak with black folks (Pastors, Ministers, Apostles & Prophets. The following is a recap (In Part) of what I have found over the last four years:

Muslims know the Old Testament better than most Christians.
Most Christians don't know the Koran at all.
Most Jews don't know the Tanakh. Many don't know the so call New Testament at all. They all know Jewish traditions.
Many Black Christians know very little about the Old Testament.
Almost everyone knows very little about the Jewishness of Jesus.
Almost everyone thinks that Paul the Apostle became a Christian on the Road to Damascus (Accept the Jews)who know the Brit Hadasha
The Catholics (for the most part) are steeped in Replacement Theology (The Church replaced Israel)

Virtually everyone one I speak to thinks that the Jews are the whole nation of Israel and not the descendants of Judah (The fourth born son of Jacob)

In the Black Church.....And I mean no disrespect, Many know very little at all about biblical history. The story of Jacob and his sons or the Festivals of the Messiah, his Calendar, etc, etc.

None understand what the Hebraic Movement is (Returning to the Root of our faith)
(I even had one lady ask: "When did you become Jewish?")
Almost everyone has disagreement concerning the LAW or Abraham.

Please watch:

.........................................................................................................We began to show Jesus throughout the bible in October. October the 2nd was the beginning of a year long teaching revealing both Jesus in the Old Testament and his Jewishness in the New Testament. People come away from what we teach and how we teach the WRITTEN word of Ye-Ho-VaH and his living word, Jesus (Yeshua) with a greater understanding of who he is and who we are in him.

I pray that you take the time to at least check out what is going on at El Shaddai Ministries.
Our Monday night service has tripled in size.
Jesus was Jewish, WHAT MADE HIM JEWISH and WHY?
When Adam opened his EYES for the first time He did not see an Orthodox Jew, A Muslim, A Christian or a Catholic...Nevertheless, Jesus was born Jewish, WHY?

Jeff Morton

Almost everyone believes something different than does the next person. This has to be by design, in my opinion.

Much blessing to you and your day

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