Monday, November 1, 2010

Introduction to my book "UN-COLORING RACE"

In this book, I share some of the difficult experiences in my life, as well as the wonderful experiences of becoming a person of faith, but it contains so much more. I realize that we all are like a puzzle that must be connected according to the way our creator specified. What we have done over many, many years is to become disconnected. As you read, I am confident that you will find we share similar experiences. Our differences allow us to become connected.

In a manner of speaking, every puzzle offers this challenge. Like a puzzle, when every piece is connected the image is revealed, restored, intact. We are the image of our Savior. This book is asking us to obey all the commandments, and most importantly…to love one another. To realize that is the final goal has not changed. You will find in this book previous articles I have written “peppered” throughout the chapters. I think the next book, should there be another, will catalog those articles.

I almost cannot breathe at times because I want to share so much of what has been happening in my life, particularly in the last few years. The changes I have experienced during the last four years alone are beyond anything I could have thought or dreamed. At times painful memories interject themselves into my thoughts, but they do not have the control, nor do they arrest all that is happening today. Pain often is one of our worst enemies and the hardest thing to let go. I am not allowing myself to focus on those areas of my past nor am I allowing those events to keep me from sharing with you this most amazing time in my life! I do not live in my scars, and neither should you.

So many world wide phenomena are occurring now that it is hard to keep up. This has left many people I have come into contact with plodding along through life feeling defeated and/or depressed, or both, but not me! I am full of expectation, and a kind of joy that elevates in magnitude lives through me every second of every day of my life!

Although I am writing this book for many reasons, YOU are the number one reason. I am hoping to release some of this joy into you, and hopefully into the lives of others as well. I simply am thrilled to have the opportunity to do this. I also am very humbled.

The coming King of our world is wrapping presents for all of us. His delight in those who hear his voice is what motivates him. We are that motivation in one way or another. I pray that you experience a surprise while reading this book. The surprise concerns his identity.

His identity is imprinted into the history of a particular people. Their culture, language, and very existence all are at the center of everything that is created and happening in the world today. All is in full restoration mode. The light switch that illuminates what we all have missed has been turned on.
My identity was born out of the thoughts of the one who created all this experience.

The first part of this book is about how I grew up and what happened to me along the way. To be very clear, I believe in a creator, a divine being. His name is Yeshua (Jesus Christ), as I prefer to call him by the name given by the angel of the Lord to his earthly mother, Mary or Miryam. Yeshua means “Salvation” in Hebrew.

My identity also is defined in him and I celebrate this experience, this journey. I do not look at it as a muddled series of failures and disappointments (although there are many of those), but rather as an awakening as to why I am here in the first place. My salvation is intact as I celebrate him in these pages.

This book, among other things, is about coming face to face with deception. Not the sort of deception that Christianity taught me about the devil (Satan), although I will be addressing the “prosecutor” as well. (He has an arsenal of tools designed to rob from us, kill us, and destroy us.) However, I also am referring to the tools we use against one another.

We define ourselves quite differently than what was intended. We use race and
religion to justify our bigotry and prejudices. We use social status to subjugate some, while we berate others. We have taught ourselves to use a variety of tools against one another as well. I know about these tools, and have used many of them against others. My personal story (testimony) is willingly shared with you, in part, in the beginning of this book. I did not always have a changed heart.

Before we go any farther, please know that what is most exhilarating to me at 51 years of age is the joy overflowing from the root of my story. Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is that root! He also is the root of all Judeo-Christian faith. Through him, I am forgiven, and I claim every promise he made to mankind. I now understand the joy that caused him to bear the stripes on his back for our healing, and his willingness for his blood to be shed at the Mount of Olives to pay the penalty for our sin once and for all. But this is not all he did.

I have peered into the “Jewishness” (if you will) of our coming King, and realize this part about my Lord was not taught to me. Yes, the Lion of the tribe of Judah is Hebrew, and now I understand his delight in me. Furthermore, I understand the depth of what “FAMILY” is all about. I understand why too many are broken, including my own.

I share the testimonies found in these pages, although they no longer define me. Who I am becoming still is evolving. Life flows through my experiences; I no longer am bound by them. I no longer am trapped, defeated or depressed. You are about to find out why.

For the past three and a half years, I leap out of my bed each day looking to tell someone, anyone, about the Lion of the tribe of Judah. This is not done from a witness or evangelical concept but rather from joy in my heart. It is my time to share what one shares when the fullness of our creator is realized in a person’s life.

I know how King David felt when he danced before Yeshua. I feel the pounding in my chest and the excitement tearing at my soul. I understand more about his word, his promise, and his purpose. The Messiah has been illuminated beyond what I had known these past thirty-five years.

Our King is unlimited and so, too, is his word. If you don’t yet know him, then you are being robbed! If you only know him from Christianity, then you very likely are being short-changed, and don’t know it. See what happens when and if you should challenge what you have always known, or simply never known. This book will help you to do so.

I was no different. I was robbed. I have been stolen from and destroyed. (I use these terms figuratively for the purpose of illustration.) The prosecuting angel does not change nor deviate from his play book. Lucifer, the angel of deceit, is doing what he was created to do, prosecuting mankind for not hearing and obeying our Savior, who continues to walk with all of us, both the saved and unsaved. Our King is committed to our salvation.

The devil, Lucifer, Satan, or however you wish to refer to him, is like a page number in a book. (How many of you purchase a book so as to read the page numbers?) Like the pages in a book, this created angel is found on almost every page of our lives. His purpose is to make sure we know about the commandments of Elohim [that we are not keeping.] He is not our Savior’s nemesis or competitor. To think that Lucifer is “All that and a bag of chips” is simply delusional. The ability given to this angel is experienced only in our breaking covenant and not keeping the rules. Our Messiah is the only one who has not broken covenant with us.

For the record, I have realized the world is an amazing place, not because of what we are doing in it, on it, or to it, but because of why we were born to be here in the first place. Hopefully, what I have to share will help you understand that as well.

Some may ridicule or slander the message of this book, not understanding its intended message. Hopefully, others will find meaning, and possibly even relate to my story. However you receive this work, I wrote it for you. I am living what I am sharing in this book. I am experiencing the “something new,” the “something amazing.”

Life is concrete, tangible, and purposed, an opportunity miraculously tailored for each individual. It is a personal revelation waiting for self-discovery. Life is full, so very full, of redemption.

The absoluteness of why we are here is startling. I see all of life like an IMAX movie playing across the heavens. The bible, each word, continually exposes the illnesses of living separated from the source.

My life is at a point where the fallen world can’t take from me anymore. Sinful living cannot undo all that is being done in and with my life as I look deeper into the root of the plan. You see, I no longer am sick. The plan of redemption is medicine to those needing a cure. It is more than hope that stares back at me. I see an invitation with my name written on it.

To quote the words written by singer and songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman:
“We’ve been invited with the Son, and we’ve been invited to come and believe the
unbelievable, receive the inconceivable, and see beyond our wildest imaginations.
Lord, we come with great expectation.”

Even though deception continues to try and rob from us all, it cannot crush the spirit. Disobedience does that. In this book, I am trying my best to explain to all of you how to see deception for what it is. However, I have one request before you continue, Un-Color yourself.
Skin color is not what separates us from one another, it is sin!

Our invitation to life comes to us by way of Israel. If you do not know who these people are, it is most likely because you were taught to not know them at all. It may well be that deception is just as alive in how we came to know the Gospels as well. This book will challenge 1,800 years of history and well it should. The restoration of the House of Jacob (Israel) and the reclamation of Yeshua’s bride were set into motion at the cross.

We are the most beautiful, most imaginative wonder in all of creation. Although Israel is the Jewel the creator of heaven and earth chose as his own special people, he left the door open to us all. Cast off the lie that says otherwise, for we all are descendants of dirt, made in the image of Yeshua. Everything in this world made by man came from dirt.

We are witnessing “The greatest story ever told!” Step out from the divisions of race and religion. Grasp the reality (if you choose to participate) that you are a “Kid of the Kingdom,” colorless, unbroken, a child of purpose, draped in untold beauty. Step out from the veil of deception long enough to realize you and I also are chosen people who can choose to accept for ourselves the redemption offered through Yeshua which brings us to forgiveness of sin and restored fellowship with our Creator.

Walk through these pages of my story, peeling off the colors of your own story when you see the need to do so. You may not experience anything more than reading another book. I hope that this is not the case because I guarantee that your life needs to be freed from the divisions that keep us all from loving in the way we are loved by God himself.

Let me share with you how I was able to do it. It started with the following questions, “Lord, why were you Jewish?” and “Who is JUDAH?”

This book is not about exposing what is wrong with all of us. The concept of hearing and then doing is as old as mankind. Like the covenants, you have to recognize your obligations. Prejudice against any one of the world’s inhabitants is breaking covenant and certainly disobeying a commandment.

If you despise Jews, Black folk, Muslims, Christians, or anyone else, you have been blinded to the truth. You are not a free person. You are being robbed, but also you are cursing almost everyone in your path.

If you are willing to journey beyond that sort of thinking, this book will show you there is hope and help to change – if you will believe it. If you continue reading this book, I pray you will be blessed and enlightened, and will un-learn the lies we all inherited and believed. The Messiah is coming out of the box we put him in. He is asking all of us to choose once again.

Jeremiah 16:19 (AKJV)

O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come to you from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.

I pray you see this little tiny, blue earth that we all inhabit as a miracle and not just a dirty, messy little planet that we keep screwing up.

Why we are here is the miracle!

Exodus 15:26

And said, If you will diligently listen to the voice
of the LORD your God
and will do that which is right in his sight,
and will give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases on you
which I have brought on the Egyptians,
for I am the LORD that heals you.


Chava said...

I watched your presentation on GLC and was rather impressed with how clearly you presented TORAH truth. Thank you for being OUT THERE and LOUD. I look forward to reading your book!


Jeff Morton said...

Thank you