Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Battle Continues

I remember when Adoni asked me to “Get out of the bleachers and onto the field” It was like a spiritual directive. Soon after this event, I was made aware of the Jewishness of Jesus. I affectionately refer to my savior as Yeshua as a result. What has happened to my life since I said, “I will do as you ask” is beyond description. The very reason I do what I do, is my attempt to ask all of you to take a second look at what we have learned. I know that we have inherited lies but I also know what the lies have prevented us from knowing.

King James Bible
O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. (Jeremiah 16:19)

The more that I return to the Hebraic nature of the scriptures the more I realize how little I know. The more I speak of such things the more I realize how people, more specifically Jews and Christians cling to what they know in their hearts to be truth. The very reason that the two are not coming together is because of this very thing.

Most religious Jews think that Christians are foolish, completely blind, and ridiculous. I have to agree with them. Most Christians on the other hand think that the Jews are lost, blind, and completely wrong about the deity of Yeshua. I have to agree with them too.

I agree with both groups in part.
1 Corinthians 13:9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part. What we do, in part is horrible to one another.

[I offer the analogy with a certain diplomacy but at the same time realistically! It is truly heartbreaking what happens between the two groups who love the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. It is horrible what has happened as a result of the separation of the two nearly two thousand years ago]

[Islam popped up at the latter part of the 5th century AD so I won’t bother discussing any aspect of this faith. Nevertheless, I will continue to pray that people are freed from this religion just the same. (Especially the women)]

As I reach out to whom ever will listen I join a host of players on a field where we are ridiculed, cast aside as lunatics, and or castigated in general for asking people to return to TORAH. Truth be told some of us that are on the field are lunatics. (I am not one of those who conduct animal sacrifices on the Sabbath for instance, good grief!)

The discouragement, personal attacks, financial hardship, as well as the spiritual attacks are relentless. A nonstop barrage of pain and tribulation seem to litter the playing field. The battle is fierce and the war is real. The spiritual one and the one we fight among ourselves is at time indistinguishable. Many of you know what I speak of and many of you contact me for prayer. Well, I need prayer too…I assure you!

Loving your neighbor is almost a ridiculous, illogical, fortuitous statement as opposed to a biblical command. Loving anything at times is hard….I am experiencing these difficulties as I write this. (You know, I truly am an open book ) I do have to guard certain personal issues but if you ask me how I am doing, I can assure you, I will tell you the truth.


I cannot tell you what it is like when fellow Christians see the things that I now see in scripture and exclaim, “Oh my gosh, this is amazing!” I am speaking of Christians who have studied scriptures for years but have never seen TORAH. (Or understood its true meaning) To see Christians weep over the history of the church where we are simply wrong is amazing!

Equally, when Jews realize that Hashem can have a son, can come as a man and did come into this world of a virgin girl it is the most remarkable thing to witness. In fact, there is nothing in our minds that we can rationalize that Hashem cannot do. We are the ones who insist on being right about what is wrong! I once had a dear Jewish friend tell me that the so called “New Testament” is the Christian bible. The simple truth is that it was written by Jews; Jews who kept Torah I might add.

When we humble ourselves to the incredible, unlimited, amazing, Creator this becomes the single most spectacular event of our lives. I speak from personal experience.

I can never worship the Christian Jesus again but the King of the Jews, the Lion of the tribe of Judah causes me to leap out of my bed. Likewise, I can never limit my King to Ben David or Ben Joseph…in the garden of Eden he was neither!

The nation of Israel has been teaching all of us this information for as long as it has existed. What is wrong in the nation of Israel is wrong everywhere. To toss what the believing Jews do know is simply stupid and to toss out the Hebrew scriptures found in the Brit Hadasha is just as stupid.
Therefore, we have a lot of stupidity in the world. A constant reminder of why we need Messiah.

I will continue to suffer through the heartache of divorce, the lack of funding and monies to do any of this. The lack of employment the disassociation with how life used to be and a myriad of personal obstacles in order to continue to say to all of you…return to TORAH.

Moses led the people back to Torah, Yeshua taught Torah, and so did the disciples. We are called to return to TORAH…The Gospels or the Messianic age is not a new testament but a continuation of….TORAH.

This is the revival that is occurring globally. I will stay on this field and in this fight until my death.

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The battle continues while hearts are changing:

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