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Kid of the Kingdom

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by Jeff Morton

I was recently called a Judaizer on a website that I happen to enjoy very much. The information that is often shared is informative and intelligent. For four years now I have thought about what I am as a person of faith. I don't fit into any particular group.

Wikipedia says the following:

Judaizers is a Christian term. According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions this term includes groups such as Jewish Christians, Quartodecimans, Ethiopian Christians, descendants of English Puritanism such as the Seventh-day Adventists and others, who claim the necessity of obedience to the Mosaic Laws which are found in the first five books of the Christian Old Testament.[1]

Mainstream Christians generally consider obedience to the Mosaic Laws as applicable only to Jews or as abrogated for all. Similarly, "one who has Judaized" refers to a Christian who has accepted the necessity of adhering to the Mosaic Laws or to specific laws that are believed to be superseded, such as circumcision, Sabbath observance, or observation of the Passover. The ongoing Christian debate over Judaizing in Christianity or Biblical law in Christianity began in the lifetime of the apostles, notably at the Council of Jerusalem, and parallels the ongoing debate about Paul of Tarsus and Judaism and the Protestant views of the Ten Commandments.

Webster's : To adopt the customs, beliefs, or character of a Jew
transitive verb to make Jewish

— Ju·da·i·za·tion\ˌjü-dē-ə-ˈzā-shən, ˌjü-də-ə-, ˌjü-(ˌ)dā-ə-\ noun
— Ju·da·iz·er\ˈjü-dē-ˌīz-ər, ˈjü-də-, ˈjü-(ˌ)dā-\ noun

Well, Jesus was a Jew therefore I have to agree with the spirit of this definition. However, I am not Jewish nor do I want to be Jewish!

I am a black, American, conservative who found out about God through Christianity. I have always supported the idea that I am a person first before I am a colored person. Therefore, I don't have an allegiance to my race. I am an oddity to many because I simply refuse to be molded by the thoughts of people who!

I agree with being called a Christian although I am returning to TORAH or the first five books that God told Moses to copy down! I also realize the information in the Tenakh is supernatural while most Christians (not all) use this portion of the bible as a reference guide. The information about Yeshua in the Tanakh is really, truly miraculous but you have to know how it is written, how to see this stuff. In fact, the more that I understand the Jewishness of Jesus the more I understand the bible.

Christianity never taught me to embrace his Jewish identity. Moreover, Christianity turned Rabbi Shaul (Paul ) into a Christian. A Christian is what we call a Christ follower. Unless you know why he created Israel and what is hidden in this nation or people...You cannot have a proper relationship to his word. It is simply not possible. Israel is like a heart placed into the body...If you don't understand this...Your born again experience is based on what you have been taught and not the heart of Yeshua. Israel is the apple of his eye, the heart of the body!

The irony about this is that most Christians know next to nothing about HIS JEWISHNESS. Four years of asking the question confirms this. Paul or Rabbi Shaul never became a convert...he simply returned to the TORAH. None of the Gospels were written when he wrote most of the rest of the story.

Learning that most of the Gospel's were written well after Rabbi Shaul (Paul) letters clearly demonstrates to me that his scriptural identity was based on the TORAH or the Old Testament. [A derogative term supplanting the notion that this part of the bible is old, obsolete!] I now realize that this is a tragic misinterpretation. {What part of God is old and what part of God is new? What part of his living word changed? See what I mean!]

What is most peculiar about what Christianity taught to me is that I was taught TORAH without a Jewish interpretation or mindset. I was taught to be a Christian. Our Lord and Savior kept all of the Commandments, obeyed the Festivals and kept the Sabbath. I was not taught these things as a Christian. He would not have been God if he had done anything else!

Well, I have been called Messianic too! Some of what occurs in the Messianic community is horrific! A sort of religious separation is occurring because Christianity did adopt a lot of traditional or pagan beliefs. [Don't tell this to a Christian...this is an automatic fight!] It is true but many in the Messianic community are practicing messy religion. By yanking a person's life changing experience out of their chest (Salvation)

I was guilty of this myself when I first began to look at the TORAH as presented to the world by the Nation of Israel through a mighty movement of God so many, many years ago (Please forgive those offenses, I understand things differently now.) I do not agree with much of Christianity but I do understand the Gospel message of the TORAH better. The Torah is who Jesus was and is and is to come. The word of God, the son of God, the living word of God. He is all of these things.

Abraham obeyed the statutes of God, Moses wrote down his words. John continued, "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word is God." [Abraham see Genesis 26:4-5)

God is our instructor and giver of his rules or commandments. He gave them to the Jews and they told all of us! Our earthly kingdom is a mess because we simply did not follow the rules of how to overcome a fallen world as, "Kid's of the Kingdom" Yeshua has been in restoration mode ever since. We have been fighting with one another for as long, and we do so in the name of TRUTH! [How odd?]

Judaizer, well I disagree with many Jews. On one hand, the Orthodox, Rabbinic and various sects who do not acknowledge the deity of Yeshua puzzle me more than anything on the earth. On the other hand, what I learn from them as a result of the position they occupy in the sight of God is simply amazing. Christianity tossed out what they know...big mistake! The Jews tossed out what Christianity learned...big mistake! Both were correct however in tossing Islam out, in my opinion!

So what am I? I suppose if I were to describe myself it would be, a person who believes in the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob who is returning to the root of my Christianity which is...a Jewish man who is called Yeshua! I returned all the way to Breisheet or Genesis but I did so learning from a Hebraic construct as opposed to Greek or Vatican Christianity as I call it.

The simplest way for me to describe myself would be, " A Kid of the Kingdom!" I understand Elijah and Moses. I am learning TORAH or God's instructions to a fallen world. I took the page in all of my bibles that say, New Testament and tore that page out. Their is only one book recording the word.....I have become more alive in my biblical understanding since doing this!

As I watch radical Islam line up against the Jews, Christians prepare for rapture and the world's governments collide I realize how far away from obeying the rules of HIS kingdom we have all gotten.

Mochiach is RETURNING

He is preparing for a wedding feast and coronation...He is going to do some house cleaning. I know that the Jews will bow down to him. The Christians are going to say "Oh my, we missed the main story while Islam simply will not exist. Neither will many of their nations according to Walid Shobat and also the bible (I might add)

I am my own person and I simply refuse to fit into a mold of what I am supposed to be according to others. I will say though that I love life is looking forward to the amazing things that are being revealed. This is happening daily! A revival is occurring but not like we all were taught. Just like Moses, the disciples and Yeshua himself, we are all being asked to return to the beginning. This is what I am doing. I am learning more from what those Jews wrote down than Christianity has ever taught to me. I am putting the two together and it is exploding my understanding!

[With an honest regret I absolutely run...RUN from Catholicism! The same is true of Islam. I say this based on what I now know. I speak from a position of honesty, not offense.]

Please watch the following: Truth or Tradition {One of my interviews, I am the last 30 minutes of this segment}

May the God of Adam...bless you all

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