Thursday, October 16, 2008

The strength of the Final Solution was its secrecy, its impossibility

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Rudolf Vrba made the following statement, "The strength of the Final Solution was its secrecy, its impossibility." Dr.Vrba died in March of 2006 purportedly of cancer. Mr. Vrba, a kid of 20 years old escaped from Auschwitz in April of 1944. His story unfolded to the world of how the Jews were being systematically exterminated. Rudolf Vrba detailed the crematoriums and the gas chambers. He made many aware of Birkenau and of how the assembly line, in deed, industry of murder was now fully implemented and on going in Germany.
Most Jews know this story, and they remember Alfred Weczler. The Jewish children are taught to remember. This attribute of their culture is quite amazing really. For 3500 years, the Jewish people have retold world history not only because of what they remember but because they are an integral part of the story. Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Weczler are a part of this story.
The insidious, reprehensible story that Dr, Vrba recalled was so beyond the imagination of men that many simply could not wrap their intellect around what was Auschwitz. Many did not want this memory. A kid of twenty years was telling the people of Slovakia and Hungary that Jewish men, women and children were being enslaved, tortured, raped, mutilated, starved and forced to dispose of the evidence of their nation’s extermination.
The Nazi's took great precaution to hide the truth and to conceal the atrocity of a well planned, well funded industry targeting the death of the Jewish people. When they were ready and when all the implements of this idea were in place the full force, of those in power at the time commenced with rounding up a portion of our human race...for the expressed purpose of wiping them off the earth.
Many did not believe Rudolf Vrba or Alfred Weczler. The Slovakians were submitting to Hitler out of fear. Many of the Slovakian Jews were being persecuted already. The idea was to keep Hitler at bay by appeasing his dictates. Mr Verba warned that Hungary was next but, the Hungarians Jews were in talks supposedly working towards a deal with Adolf Eichmann (hoping to spare the Jewish population.) The irony here is that the industry of extermination was well under way. This is important because the machine was already implemented; the progress of killing the Jews was very, very successful. Any negotiation at this point was, simply put, a smoke screen.
Fast forward 60 years, keeping in mind the technology of our "modern world." Iran is currently developing nuclear technology as an added energy source. In conjunction with this technology they are committed to, "Wiping Israel off of the map." Iranian president, Mahumoud Ahmadinejad is also preparing for the return of 12th Imam. He has foretold of the death of many of his country men as a result of the coming war. Some reports say he expects 50% of Iran to be destroyed. I suppose those left will have an abundance of electricity and alternative energy.

President Bashar Al Assad of Syria seems to be coordinating a smoke screen that will make what the Nazi Party accomplished look relatively juvenile. Some say that he may be the anti-christ. This man seems to be in the company of virtually every world leader at one time or another. ( Personally, I have no idea about who the anti christ is, nor do endorse this particular idea but, it's out there! My point here is that Syria, in my opinion is planning the death of Israel far above and beyond the Mullahs of Iran. I think, based on what I have researched Syria seems to be calling the shots. The coalition against Israel is far beyond what Germany ignited with in its border. The United Nations, for example have never supported a single resolution presented by Israel!

Senator Barack Obama and his friends namely, Jeremiah Wright Jr. Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakan (who calls the Senator, Messiah) and a host of individuals are ostensibly pro Palestinian and anti Israel. These are facts, the information supportive of this is readily available. For twenty years Senator Barack Obama supported the hate speak against the Jews! He will say quite the opposite but his actions speak volumes. The idea that any Jewish person would vote for Senator Barack Obama is so bewildering to me! In his book, "Dreams of my Father' the Senator details, with full expletory I might add, much of his racist hate speak.
I revisited the story of Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Weczler for two reasons. I wondered how it was possible for a Jewish person to vote for Senator Barack Obama. Furthermore, I wondered how any Jewish person could not see the friendships of Senator Barack Obama as anything other then a threat. Vrba helps me to reason this phenomenon.
If Dr. Vrba were alive today, I would attempt to ask him several questions in addition to the two aforementioned. I would sit with him and listen to each word, every syllable as he answered my questions. I would do this because his story tells the story of those Jews who appeased the Nazi regime all the way to the gas chamber. I cannot at the present time comprehend this and yet it happened.
It would be a privilege for me to extrapolate all of what I do know about the Holocaust, all that I know about certain Islamic/Arab regimes that want to kill the Jews, all that I know about the history of the Democrat party their support and funding for the KKK and racism, all that I know about the Hollywood Jew and the African American of today the ignorance of both groups, all that I know about the peace plan calling for the division of Israel and the managed Poverty of black America, with drugs, disease and death permeating American ghettos, and if but for just one day hear Dr. Rudolf Vrba discuss the same, with me. My admiration for this man and his story is endless. Ultimately, I would ask Dr. Vrba to address the modern day secrecy surrounding the proposed extermination of the Jews.
I welcome any civil discussion from the Jewish community and the Black community. In fact, I would like to talk about the story of Dr. Rudolf Verba and Alfred Weczler so that we perhaps, may avoid repeating them.
Recommended reading: I escaped from Auschwitz, by Dr. Rudolf Vrba- Escaping Auschwitz, A culture of forgetting, by Ruth Linn- The Auschwitz Protocol, (

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Quartet of Nations, stacking the deck!

I hope you will indulge me for a moment? As a staunch supporter of Israel and her right to exist, (Let me rephrase that) as a staunch supporter of Israel and because the God of the bible insists upon her existence, I absolutely believe that the effort being made to divide this land is directly tied to the collapse of the world economy. You have to read the following articles and commentary in order to grasp where I am going:




The more the world corals Israel into a box and the more the secular government of Israel gives away the land the more chaos the world seems to find itself in. I think that the financial crisis affecting most of the world is a prelude to the battle between man and God, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In 1948 Israel accomplished what had been foretold for nearly 2000 years. Her ancestral land was returned to her. The country is celebrating 60 years of this fulfillment of scripture. The modern day miracle of Israel endures. The Palestinians want this deal too,so do most Arab nations. They have never not wanted it. The idea for them is to so reduce the Jewish population and land area so that wiping them off the face of the earth becomes relative to when, not how! The ire of the God of the universe is up as evidenced by the amplification of the foolishness of men. We are running about trying to save our money while a holocaust of the Jew is looming. Land for peace has never arrived at peace. The very fact that the Middle East and all the powers of the nations are focused on this area is not at all surprising for those who follow the Jewish Bible. Yes my Christian friends, they (the Jews) wrote it, all of it!

Now our money is in turmoil, what next! I imagine the nations that are surrounding Israel will promote this peace deal and perhaps with success. Israel seems to be in concession mode. But this peace will be short lived because the Arabs want Israel gone, period. Each time that the Arabs have risen up against this little, itty, bitty nation Israel, their has been humiliating defeat, contrary to what you hear!. Now that their is support of most nations against Israel, and that Israel has a host of weapons and armament pointed at her, how on earth will they be able to withstand? Well between me and you and thanks for your indulgence...I think we are about to witness the parting of the Red Sea again or something similar. I think that so much death is about to hit our planet that we are not of a mind to comprehend it. What do I know! I follow the end time stuff, the Armageddon stuff but, more importantly I simply follow Israel and scripture. Nothing is out of sequence right down to global financial collapse and the rise of a world Government. (This is all happening right before my eyes!)

As the world teeters on the brink of financial ruin one can only wonder, what's next? I can tell you this, I am rooting for God! I would suggest you all get the DVD, "Indescribable" presented by Louie Giglio. What we do on this little tiny planet is really inconsequential to the scheme of things. The scheme of things is God's plan. It is all about his relationship to Israel. You either get on board or you get lost in the dust (storm that is coming!)

Look around folks, the world has gone nuts! Obama for president, are you kidding me?