Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Quartet of Nations, stacking the deck!

I hope you will indulge me for a moment? As a staunch supporter of Israel and her right to exist, (Let me rephrase that) as a staunch supporter of Israel and because the God of the bible insists upon her existence, I absolutely believe that the effort being made to divide this land is directly tied to the collapse of the world economy. You have to read the following articles and commentary in order to grasp where I am going:




The more the world corals Israel into a box and the more the secular government of Israel gives away the land the more chaos the world seems to find itself in. I think that the financial crisis affecting most of the world is a prelude to the battle between man and God, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In 1948 Israel accomplished what had been foretold for nearly 2000 years. Her ancestral land was returned to her. The country is celebrating 60 years of this fulfillment of scripture. The modern day miracle of Israel endures. The Palestinians want this deal too,so do most Arab nations. They have never not wanted it. The idea for them is to so reduce the Jewish population and land area so that wiping them off the face of the earth becomes relative to when, not how! The ire of the God of the universe is up as evidenced by the amplification of the foolishness of men. We are running about trying to save our money while a holocaust of the Jew is looming. Land for peace has never arrived at peace. The very fact that the Middle East and all the powers of the nations are focused on this area is not at all surprising for those who follow the Jewish Bible. Yes my Christian friends, they (the Jews) wrote it, all of it!

Now our money is in turmoil, what next! I imagine the nations that are surrounding Israel will promote this peace deal and perhaps with success. Israel seems to be in concession mode. But this peace will be short lived because the Arabs want Israel gone, period. Each time that the Arabs have risen up against this little, itty, bitty nation Israel, their has been humiliating defeat, contrary to what you hear!. Now that their is support of most nations against Israel, and that Israel has a host of weapons and armament pointed at her, how on earth will they be able to withstand? Well between me and you and thanks for your indulgence...I think we are about to witness the parting of the Red Sea again or something similar. I think that so much death is about to hit our planet that we are not of a mind to comprehend it. What do I know! I follow the end time stuff, the Armageddon stuff but, more importantly I simply follow Israel and scripture. Nothing is out of sequence right down to global financial collapse and the rise of a world Government. (This is all happening right before my eyes!)

As the world teeters on the brink of financial ruin one can only wonder, what's next? I can tell you this, I am rooting for God! I would suggest you all get the DVD, "Indescribable" presented by Louie Giglio. What we do on this little tiny planet is really inconsequential to the scheme of things. The scheme of things is God's plan. It is all about his relationship to Israel. You either get on board or you get lost in the dust (storm that is coming!)

Look around folks, the world has gone nuts! Obama for president, are you kidding me?

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