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I just read an article, Jihad, Jew-Hatred, and Evangelicals and Jews Together ( by Dr. Keith Pavlischek.
There’s so much meat, if you will in the article to chew on. Largely Dr. Pavlischek points to the on going debate about the origins of “Jew Hatred.” He however, addresses the relationship between the Jew and the Christian, Quoting Dr. Pavlischek, “A more puzzling case of hostility involving Jews, however, is the dislike Jews have for evangelical Christians.”

I am a black American, evangelical, Christian; I do not know how to be African!
[Incidentally, I have asked several prominent Africans, my friend Pastor James Wesonga of Kenya ( comes to mind, what he (they) thought of Black Americans use of the term,” African American?” Pastor Wesonga (and so many others Africans continue to be offended.) According to Pastor Wesonga, the black American experience is “Nothing remotely close to what is Africa!”]

As a Christian, I am devoted to the support of Israel and the Jewish people (Barbara Streisand excluded) and would make mention, Hebraic Root!
In my opinion, if the Christian had identified intimately our Jewish root to Judaism perhaps our theologically differences would not have made Christ a Jewish victim.

When Alex Haley traced his family root or family tree many of us eventually arrived at his book, "Roots." A nation revisited, some for the first time, the horrible accounting of slavery and the effect it had throughout the generations of Mr. Haley's family. ( Our nation transfixed itself to the televised mini series of the same name in 1977 as we watched a family claw its way to certain liberations and freedoms.

The black American finally had a nation justify our right to "victimhood!" It was a step backwards, really! (Forgive me, I tend to get ill tempered at this reality) In other words, Black America continues to mislead itself. It’s a rather bizarre dichotomy, in my opinion. Reparations and payback seemed to be a suitable mantra necessary to drive the emotional acknowledgment of the historical wrongs of slavery. Surely, forgiveness and prayer were no longer needed while slavery continues to NOT be exclusive to Africans! We are all victims of sin. Black liberation theology insists on retribution rather than forgiveness. This attitude, specifically taught from many black pulpits, keeps a people in bondage! From slave to colored, from colored to Negro, from Negro to black power, from black power to black and now we are to be African American, even when the term itself, offends the African. I find it more meaningful to be an American which literally includes most of the known races! I choose to believe God created MY nation for a reason.

I believe a similar reaction to Christ on the cross at the hands of the Jew discontinued our need to understand what God was doing. We blamed, persecuted and eventually, distanced our self from Judaism. Christians became victims of what we perceived the Jews did to Jesus. The Christian faith had a reason to justify, "victimhood." Thus was born the concept of, “Replacement Theology” (

However, in studying Hebraic Roots ( I have come to understand the so called “Christians United for Israel” (CUFI)movement spearheaded by Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio, Texas. Hebraic Roots link the Christian to the Jewish people or the roots of our faith. It is my fervent opinion that when the Christian traces back to before our, "grafting into the Olive Tree" as a result of Christ and actually reverse transliteration of our bible back to the original Hebrew language, a revelation has no choice but to be experienced. I think the John Hagee(s) of the world have had this happen. I know this to be my experience.

Moreover, a certain segment of black America ignorantly refuses to make the Jewish connection, not unlike the Arab or Muslim or separatists White. Many people are beginning to see how awesome but at the same time, how simple God's revelations to us really are! Equally, and unlike all who claim Christianity we could finally disprove categorically, "Replacement Theology" I keep praying for a national awakening of the churches in America. (Our buildings are no more then cubicles or marked territories)

God's Love for the Jewish people, for Israel is unwavering, intact and in full sight of the entire world. The Jewish people are held in much the same way we all are. In Christianity, we call it GRACE. Nevertheless, we all walk through the consequence of disobedience and sin, Jew, Gentile, Muslim, Arab, Persian, Hindu. God's creation is not racist our interpretation is!

The Miracle of Israel:
No other nation on this earth has endured wave after wave of supposed destroyers throughout the centuries and yet, remains. So much about this nations survival and ability simply cannot be ignored! The rebirth of the nation Israel in 1948 offers witness to the whole of Christianity, that God really does keep his promises.

We Christians are born again too but, our rebirth is specifically due to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christ also being a fulfilled promise according to Jewish prophets. Much of Judaism is expecting the Messiah and much of Christianity is expecting the Messiah's second coming… the mean time we allow a mutual lack of understanding to keep us from an historical merger! God has chastised the people of Israel throughout Jewish history and the Christian is simply a continuation of the same failures, both exist due to the GRACE bestowed upon all of us by God!
The whole world is witnessing the encircling of Israel by her enemies via CNN, FOX news and world wide media in general. Again, for those of us who believe in the living word of God, no surprise here.

When you trace back through biblical history whilst at the same time study Hebraic Roots, none of what we are witnessing comes as a surprise. One can actually see a sort of dress rehearsal repeated over and over again. Most don’t realize that the word “Feast” means appointment in ancient Hebrew. We are witnessing several appointments being kept. Knowing what they are, what they mean and why they have to unravel Jewish traditions. God made some rather amazing demands of the ancient Jews, why?

The solar or lunar Calendar are quite different from the Hebrew Calendar....Imagine if you will, God setting dates as he fixed moments in time. Now imagine his "calendar of events?" If we are on a different calendar, we will most likely miss several appointments. The Jews crossing the Red Sea was an appointment. The Jews reclaiming the land in 1948 was another appointment. When you add the captivity years of Israel, make a few subtractions and follow along with the Jewish prophets and their prophetic time lines of Israel’s various judgments, Hebraic Root brings you to the year, 1948. Challenge yourself, Mark Biltz (also a friend) Pastors El Shaddai Ministries He is an expert at Hebraic Root (Having studied for more then 30 years), send him an email! (I am not expert enough to take you through the years of Jewish captivity in order to show you the sequence.)

When people of biblical faith begin to understand the historical accounting of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, from a Hebraic Roots perspective a panoramic picture of God’s plan emerges. Today’s conflict centering on Israel’s right to exist and 3500 years of anticipated Antisemitism, is retold over and over again.

It really is quite revealing to know Hebraic Roots in the same way Alex Haley traced his African Roots. Israel’s existence is not a supernatural stroke of luck. The Arab hatred also is not happenstance.
The Jewish people, the physical State of Israel and the ever present world wide hatred for this people is in line with the prophetic fulfilling of what God completing. (Six days to complete creation and the 7th day was a day to rest. Likewise, six thousand years of recorded human civilization and one thousand years of peace or the millennial reign of Messiah. It is all relevant to, “dress rehearsal.”

Nevertheless, the Jewish nation's insistence on survival is miraculous! There is focused envy and jealousy directed at the Jew by virtually every race on earth. The United Nations is full of people that have never passed one resolution to support Israel but often condemn her for protecting herself. The Islamic Nation’s and indeed the Muslim have never been long for being unified and yet they level that same nomadic attitude towards the Jew. The God of the bible promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations. The Jew and the Arab came from that promise. Due to the ever present failure of man to honor God….two brothers fighting in the womb were born and so was the hate that now exist by one of those ancestral brothers against the other.

I would simply inject into the conversation Hebraic root. Replacement Theology, in my opinion, is continually being proved categorically wrong! The misinterpretation that the Jew was replaced as a result of Christ is easily disproved when you understand the Hebraic Root of Christianity.
Jesus Christ was a restorer, he was never a victim. The Jews did not kill him. The lack of truth did. The Christian should never have been at odds with our Jewish history most don’t even know it, I didn’t.

The Jewish traditions, the Hebrew Calendar and Hebraic Root, and Judaism itself help to explain what Jesus the Jewish Rabbi, had to know in order to command the position of Rabbi. When the average Christian understands the "Feasts of the Lord, Yom Teruha, and Yom Kippur a picture of the heart of El Shaddai emerges, forcing the Christian faith to fully support Israel from a heart perspective. You will also see God’s amazing love for all of us especially the Jewish people. If the Jew looked back into time from a “New Covenant” perspective perhaps they would have a revelation of their own. Simply put, the Christian could not be Christian without the Jew.

The Mahdi brings restoration of Islamic rule after the death and destruction of Israel or everything that is not Muslim according to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This religious belief has not changed in approximately 3200 years! Ahmadinejad fully intends to expedite the return of the Mahdi by attacking Israel and the West (The Jew and the Christian). Those of us studying Hebraic Root are not surprised by the maturity of this fanaticism! We fully expect this to occur. Israel needs our unfailing support, it’s critical that we stand with her.

I certainly don’t mean to be reverent or all knowing….I just think this subject must be discussed. When you ask the average American Christian about Judaism or about Jewish traditions most don’t know much. Therein lay the deception. We simply must know Jesus, the Jew, King David the Jew, Moses the Jew, Joseph the Jew. Virtually all of the New Testament aposltes were Jews. The very familiar and recognized picture of Christ is all wrong...Christ is almost always dressed in Greek garb. The truth is he wore the robes of a Jewish Rabbi! (As far as him being black, prove it?)

In summary, Dr. Keith Pavlischek, it’s not puzzling the relationship between the Jew and the Evangelical. Hebraic Root deciphers much! The Jewish resentment at why the Christian abandoned its Jewish heritage pissed the nation off! Our (the church) persecution of Jewish people at various times in our histories didn’t help either. Our silence when millions of Jewish people were slaughtered left an enormous divide in the soul of the Jewish people. I am fundamentally of the belief that this is changing, we must support Israel and they must receive us…..

David Brog is an example of how this can change. (

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