Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I met Lea Malul tonight in Portland, Oregon. Lea is the Public Affairs Director at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, Israel. The story she tells is really not a story at all, it is life, her life and that of many, many, others!

If you were given 15 seconds to find a place to hide from a Qassam rocket that was coming from less then 2 or 3 miles away, what would you do? What would you do if you were pregnant or taking a shower of using the toilet? How would you get to safety? What if you were sleeping or cooking or having an intimate moment with your spouse and the siren blared that your 15 seconds had just begun?

What if you were trying to push life back into your child after a rocket exploded sending metal fragments into your son or daughter's skull. Sirens intermittently blaring, warning of several more rockets in the air!

FIFTEEN SECONDS, watch the video, we are not living the following:

Instantly, you realize that theirs FIFTEEN SECONDS before another rocket will strike somewhere or someone soon. It might even be you as you cuddle your dying child. What if your other children were afraid to sleep and more afraid to be awake?
Think of the location of your child's school, the waring siren demands another FIFTEEN SECONDS of terror in order for you to protect your child.
How do you raise a child to be not afraid when their heart races, their mind struggles and the very soul of your son or daughter is bound by FIFTEEN SECONDS to think, react and hope to live through the next minute of time? What means do you use to indoctrinate your child into this mentality? How do you yourself wrapped you mind around this sort of existence?

FIFTEEN SECONDS, put down your remote, end your cell phone call, and run! Imagine the sound of metal balls riveting against your siding, crashing through your windows, pelting your car in the driveway as you panic because your teenager is at a friend’s home!Where do you run to? How do you get there in FIFTEEN SECONDS?

When the hate of the Arab launches a Qassam rocket into Ashkelon or Sderot this is but some of the questions two cities in Southern Israel must have answers to. It takes 15 seconds for a Qassam rocket, fired from Gaza into Sderot or Ashkelon to reach the people who REFUSE to leave.

[We are to believe that Israel is terrorizing the entire Middle EAST especially the Palestinians...this is monumentally absurd! Yet so many want Israel, her people and a segment of the human race wiped out of existence! The whole world at times seems to agree with this madness. The Palestinian is the only people on earth born as a refugee(?) The land mass of all of the Arab countries could easily accommodate this people and yet...they teach them to kill!]

The people at Barzilai Medical Center have no time to reason these questions. They are the ones who see the results of those who did not succeed with their 15 seconds to safety. They are the Doctors and Nurses and Staff who heal the broken, patch the bleeding and save the lives of those that did not get lost to the hate!
Please, know the truth, bother to learn and be brave enough to support the men and women of Barzilai Medical Center। These very same Doctors, Nurses and Staff even provide the same care to those that launch the rockets। Barzilai Medical Center does not refuse anyone care and treatment……it defies explanation or exemplifies humanity, I am not sure which! Hezbollah prevents most from getting medical treatment in Israel. (Be careful who you vote for!)

Imagine the Palestinian who is forced (in many cases) to allow a group of armed lunatics, who drive up, unload a Qassam rocket in your backyard, launch it at Israel with you knowing the threat exists that the Israeli Defense Force may very well retaliate? This scenario is replete with lunacy! So far Israel has not eviscerated Gaza?

Pray, donate or just give a damn for these amazing people. They need your help and your money ( Just do it!

I am not affiliated with or paid to promote this website ...I just KNOW the truth! Lea Malul does too!
Hello to my new friend Efrat Algressi. (Thank you for your lack of political correctness!)

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