Sunday, October 28, 2007

Iran, the match is lit

For 30 years the Iranian government has been planning for conflict with America. The American people do not understand the threat, I am convinced of this. Similar to Japan attacking Pearl Harbor, The Germans march across Europe and 911; America always seems to be a, "sleeping giant."

Yasser Arafat came up with the crazy ideal of high jacking planes, hostage taking and suicide bombers. After all, he was a terrorist. As a result of his genius, I am sure his 70 year old virgin constantly applauds his former activity. Nevertheless, he was prominent, a world figure and his struggle continues. Yasser Arafat’s legacy still uses children to kill other children. His hatred for Israel is just as prevalent as it was in Munich.

Al Qaeda was brilliant at using fully fueled jet planes as bombs to kill so many. Why they blow up embassies, boats, woman, children, and they have even taken over countries. A bunch of low life desert rats in the mind of so many Americans. Why how could it be that these groups have a world stage and platform from which to protest, kill and oppress so many. Maybe they are not so "desertish" after all.

Saddam Hussein, he hated everybody. He was just a bully who terrorized everyone that he could control. Ultimately, Saddam proved his world class status from a hole in the ground. Saddam does not qualify for this article.

Now Iran wants to kill Israel and develop Nukes. Why? Well, let’s see if I can wake up a giant. What does the name Mohammad Reza Pahlavi mean to the average American? If you said nothing, then you are probably right. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi or better known as the Shah of Iran or King of Iran was much beloved by the people of Iran or greatly despised. Many of you might be shocked at this Middle Eastern template but, I assure you, this is quite normal in the governments of Persia or Iran as it is now called

The difference is that American so called, "interference" for the sake of oil allowed this particular king to kill and oppress his subjects. The Shah could do what ever he wanted to do with the full support of our CIA and wealthy, white, politicians. Just keep that, good ole black gold flowing. The fact is the Shah rounded up and had killed many of the Islamic revivalist that were stirring up political unrest and who truly wanted an Islamic Iran. The West knew what was occurring and surely did not want Islam to begin its crusade to throw out western influence. So, we supported the Shah.

[Years ago I was having a discussion with several Iranian students (we all lived in the same apartment complex). These guys were living across from me. One of them had A Pontiac Trans Am, which I loved. They all had white girl friends and money, lots of money; none of them worked. These guys were telling me about how the CIA ran America, completely controlled our government and so on. They were so passionate about the hatred of our CIA that the conversation became more focused on my being Black and a former slave! I should at least understand the evil behind slavery. After all, the CIA and the Slave Master are one in the same right? I said to these guys, “well, I have never been a slave and the CIA is doing a better job running your country! I continued: the fact that your dictatorial regimes are often controlled by one individual makes it very easy for anyone to pull your strings! Not so long ago Britain and the USSR controlled vast segments of your country…so what is your point?” They were incensed and threw me out of their apartment]

Buy the way, we were all smoking pot and drinking. Yes, back in those days I did that sort of thing, too! The word hatred is the operative word, to continue: The Shah eventually left Iran in 1979 and was given sanctuary by President Anwar Sadat of Egypt. The Shah died in Egypt in 1980.

In come the Ayatollahs and the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Ayatollah Khomeini became the spiritual leader and presto another regime. The difference is that this regime declared holy war on America. This regime celebrates martyrdom and this regime has done its homework. If not for t the support of America and her western allies the Islamic Ayatollahs would have destroyed the highly educated, talented people of Iran sooner. Remember, hatred is still the operative word.

The campaign to destroy western influence began when in November, 1979 the, “Ahmadinejadinians” stormed the American Embassy and Iranian terrorism was elevated to world class status. Since that time the following has occurred:

· Sleeper cells now wait for instruction in most of the States in the U.S.

· The Strait of Hormuz has sophisticated weaponry that can seriously damage and or sink an American carrierand cause catastrophic American military loses. The Iranians have advanced weaponry that will be targeted on Israel (Read, “Iran Readies Plan to Close Strait of Hormuz” by Kenneth R. Timmerman (

· Hezbollah is all over South America infiltrating our borders as though they were tourist.
( Pablo Gato and Robert Windrem do a good job of reporting on this FACT

· Iranian influence in the Middle East is such that most of the Arab countries are fearful of Iran’s Power and positioning.

· The new Soviet Union under Putin has made it clear. “Iran is not developing nuclear weapons…we know because we are giving them the technology and of course China is supplying the scientist along with North Korea.” Actually, I am paraphrasing!

· The west has become POLTICALLY CORRECT, while sleeping!

· The Country of Israel has been threatened with extinction by way of annihilation.

· Al Qaeda sprung up with a devastating ferocity.

The American public is divided

These provocative developments that have become world stage stuff started when Iran declared war on the United States of America nearly 30 years ago. Is this mere coincidence or a PLAN of attack? Which assertion do you imagine to be the true jihad?

With the operative word still, hatred, the West being backed into a corner, Hillary Clinton running for president and Hugo Chavez providing millions of dollars to hurt America, what part of WAKE UP don’t you get?

I think that America is one of the most unique countries the world has ever known. Sure we make mistakes and sure we have a few dirty fingers but Kuwait is ok with that. El Salvador is happy to have our friendship. Eastern Europe is grateful for our influence and our dead soldiers. France does not speak German and Japan is one of our strongest allies. Poland is not trying to fly planes into our buildings and Romania is doing ok. Many African nations are terrified that the west will die and so are millions of Iraqis.

Iran is not a little insignificant, Middle Eastern country. She was once the mighty Persian Empire and her persistence is not something that we ought to take a nap over! I fear a war is coming that will stagger the divided mind that is present day America. I am a bit nervous my darn self! If we end up with Democrat in the white house, or a weak Republican be afraid, be very afraid! If we are truly the greatest nation of our time then lets all be American and protect our way in spite of who is elected. We must defeat these Islamic, jihadist that want our DESTRUCTION and we must keep our friend Israel protected. Israel has already stated, "We will not go quietly to the gas chambers"

Well America, Iran has declared its intention......?